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auditory ganglion

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  • auditory ganglion — 1. g. cochleare. 2. (in the pl.) nuclei cochleares …   Medical dictionary

  • auditory ganglion — noun : acoustic tubercle …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ganglion — The celebrated 2nd century Greek physician Galen ((c. 130 201 A.D.) who lived and worked in Rome first used the word ganglion to denote a nerve complex. Ganglion still is used to refer to an aggregation of nerve cell bodies. Another use of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • auditory nerve — noun a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea • Syn: ↑acoustic nerve, ↑vestibulocochlear nerve, ↑nervus vestibulocochlearis, ↑eighth cranial nerve • Hypernyms: ↑cranial nerve …   Useful english dictionary

  • Spiral ganglion — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = ganglion spirale GraySubject = 228 GrayPage = 1051 Caption = Transverse section of the cochlear duct of a fetal cat. (Ganglion spirale is labeled at top, second from left.) Caption2 = Part of the cochlear… …   Wikipedia

  • Otic ganglion — Nerve: Otic ganglion The otic ganglion and its branches. Mandibular division of trifacial nerve, seen f …   Wikipedia

  • Geniculate ganglion — Infobox Nerve Name = PAGENAME Latin = ganglion geniculi nervi facialis GraySubject = 202 GrayPage = 902 Caption = The course and connections of the facial nerve in the temporal bone. Caption2 = Cranial nerves VII and VIII and selected structures… …   Wikipedia

  • vestibular ganglion — n a sensory ganglion in the trunk of the vestibular nerve in the internal auditory canal that contains cell bodies supplying nerve fibers comprising the vestibular nerve …   Medical dictionary

  • Greenwood Function — The Greenwood function correlates the position of the hair cells in the inner ear to the frequencies that stimulate their corresponding auditory neurons. Empirically derived in 1961 by Donald D. Greenwood the relationship has shown to be constant …   Wikipedia

  • COCH — Coagulation factor C homolog, cochlin (Limulus polyphemus), also known as COCH, is a human gene.cite web | title = Entrez Gene: COCH coagulation factor C homolog, cochlin (Limulus polyphemus)| url =… …   Wikipedia

  • nervous system, human — ▪ anatomy Introduction       system that conducts stimuli from sensory receptors to the brain and spinal cord and that conducts impulses back to other parts of the body. As with other higher vertebrates, the human nervous system has two main… …   Universalium

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