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audience participation

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  • audience participation — noun Involvement by members of the audience in a theatrical performance, television or radio programme, etc esp by direct appeals to them from performers • • • Main Entry: ↑audience …   Useful english dictionary

  • Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show — The Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show is one of the overall awards presented every year at the Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony. Game shows, audience participation shows, panel shows, and quiz shows are eligible for the… …   Wikipedia

  • Participation dance — Participation dance, also known as group participation dance or audience participation dance, is a major category or classification of dance forms or dance styles based on purpose. The purpose of this type of dance is to actively encourage… …   Wikipedia

  • audience — late 14c., the action of hearing, from O.Fr. audience, from L. audentia a hearing, listening, from audientum (nom. audiens), prp. of audire to hear, from PIE compound *au dh to perceive physically, grasp, from root *au to perceive (Cf. Gk.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Audience — An audience is a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art, literature, theatre, music or academics in any medium. Audience members participate in different ways in different kinds of art; some events invite overt… …   Wikipedia

  • Audience response — Wireless RF keypad with OLED display and advanced functions …   Wikipedia

  • participation — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ full ▪ broader, greater, increased ▪ mass, widespread ▪ We have to improve and increase mass participation in sports …   Collocations dictionary

  • audience */*/*/ — UK [ˈɔːdɪəns] / US [ˈɔdɪəns] noun [countable] Word forms audience : singular audience plural audiences 1) a group of people who have come to a place to see or hear a film, performance, speech etc. The people who watch a sports match or other… …   English dictionary

  • audience — au|di|ence [ ɔdiəns ] noun count *** 1. ) a group of people who have come to a place to see or hear a movie, performance, speech, etc. The people who watch a sports match or other large event are usually called spectators or the crowd: Chaplin s… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • participation — par|tic|i|pa|tion [ par,tısı peıʃn ] noun uncount ** the process of taking part in something: We would like to see more participation by younger people. participation in: The president s participation in the economic summit is seen as vital to… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • participation — par|ti|ci|pa|tion W3 [pa:ˌtısıˈpeıʃən US pa:r ] n [U] the act of taking part in an activity or event ▪ Thank you for your participation. participation in ▪ We want more participation in the decision making. ▪ entertainment with plenty of audience …   Dictionary of contemporary English


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