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  • 1 attractively

    adverb de manera atractiva
    our products are very attractively presented nuestros productos tienen una presentación muy atractiva
    she smiled at him attractively le dirigió una sonrisa atractiva
    attractively [ə'træktɪvli] adv
    : de manera atractiva, de buen gusto, hermosamente
    adverb <decorated/dressed> con mucho gusto

    the products are attractively packaged — los productos vienen en envases muy atractivos

    1) (=appealingly) [smile, laugh] de manera atrayente; [arranged, presented, packaged] de manera atractiva; [dressed, furnished] con buen gusto

    an attractively illustrated guidebook — una guía con bonitas ilustraciones

    an attractively designed garden — un jardín de trazado atractivo

    2) (=interestingly)

    the books are attractively priced — los libros tienen un precio que resulta atractivo

    it is an attractively simple solution — es una solución que resulta atractiva por su sencillez

    * * *
    adverb <decorated/dressed> con mucho gusto

    the products are attractively packaged — los productos vienen en envases muy atractivos

    English-spanish dictionary

  • 2 attractively

    avverbio [arranged] in modo gradevole; [dressed] in modo attraente, seducente

    attractively priced — che ha un prezzo interessante

    * * *
    adverb in modo attraente
    * * *
    * * *
    avverbio [arranged] in modo gradevole; [dressed] in modo attraente, seducente

    attractively priced — che ha un prezzo interessante

    English-Italian dictionary

  • 3 attractively

    attractively [{{t}}ə'træktɪvlɪ]
    de manière attrayante;
    to dress attractively s'habiller de façon séduisante;
    the meal was very attractively presented le repas était très agréablement présenté

    Un panorama unique de l'anglais et du français

  • 4 attractively

    attractively adv [furnished, arranged] de manière attrayante ; [dressed] coquettement ; attractively priced mis en vente à un prix intéressant.

    Big English-French dictionary

  • 5 attractively

    adverb attraktiv
    * * *
    adv attraktiv, reizvoll
    * * *
    attraktiv; smile anziehend; dress, furnish, paint reizvoll

    attractively priced — zum attraktiven or verlockenden Preis (at von)

    * * *
    anziehend adv.

    English-german dictionary

  • 6 attractively

    attractively привлекательно

    Персональный Сократ

  • 7 attractively


    Большой англо-русский и русско-английский словарь

  • 8 attractively

    Общая лексика: привлекательно

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь

  • 9 attractively

    adv. בצורה מושכת, בצורה אטרקטיבית
    * * *
    תיביטקרטא הרוצב ,תכשומ הרוצב

    English-Hebrew dictionary

  • 10 attractively

    adverb tiltalende; attraktivt
    * * *
    adverb tiltalende; attraktivt

    English-Danish dictionary

  • 11 attractively

    dengan menarik

    English-Indonesian dictionary

  • 12 attractively

    adverb á aðlaðandi hátt

    English-Icelandic dictionary

  • 13 attractively

    adverb vonzó módon

    English-Hungarian dictionary

  • 14 attractively

    adverb atraentemente
    * * *
    [ətr'æktivli] adv atrativamente.

    English-Portuguese dictionary

  • 15 attractively

    adverb güzel, cezbedici tarzda

    English-Turkish dictionary

  • 16 attractively

    adverb privlačno

    English-Slovenian dictionary

  • 17 attractively

    adverb puoleensavetävästi

    English-Finnish dictionary

  • 18 attractively

    بط‌وركشنده‌ ياجاذب‌

    English to Farsi dictionary

  • 19 attractively


    English-Croatian dictionary

  • 20 attractively

    adv. op aantrekkelijke wijze

    English-Dutch dictionary

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