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attachment (noun)

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  • attachment — ► NOUN 1) an extra part or extension attached to something. 2) the action of attaching. 3) affection or fondness. 4) Brit. temporary secondment to an organization …   English terms dictionary

  • attachment — I (act of affixing) noun adjunction, affixation, annexation, annexion, attaching, binding, bond, cohesion, confixation, conjunction, connection, fastening, fixing, insertion, joinder, joining, junction, ligation, nexus, subjunction, that which… …   Law dictionary

  • attachment — noun 1 strong feeling of affection ADJECTIVE ▪ close, deep, passionate, special, strong ▪ enduring, lasting ▪ emotional …   Collocations dictionary

  • attachment — noun 1 (C, U) a feeling that you like or love someone or something and that you would be unhappy without them (+ to/for): I did feel a certain sense of attachment for the strange old guy. 2 (U) belief in and loyalty towards a particular idea (+… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • attachment — noun 1) he has a strong attachment to his mother Syn: bond with, closeness to/with, devotion to, loyalty to; fondness for, love for, affection for, feeling for; relationship with 2) the shower had a massage attachment Syn: accessor …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • attachment — noun Date: 14th century 1. a seizure by legal process; also the writ or precept commanding such seizure 2. a. the state of being personally attached ; fidelity < attachment to a cause …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • attachment — noun /əˈtæʧmənt/ a) A strong bonding towards or with. I have such an attachment towards my fiancé! b) A dependence, especially a strong one. attachment of earnings …   Wiktionary

  • attachment — noun 1) a strong attachment to his mother Syn: bond, closeness, devotion, loyalty, fondness for, love for, affection for, feeling for, sympathy for 2) the shower had a massage attachment Syn: accessory …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • attachment theory — noun (behaviourism) A theory which proposes that the emotional bond between human infants and their parents has an evolutionary history and that various attachment behaviours enhance survival • • • Main Entry: ↑attach …   Useful english dictionary

  • attachment — noun 1》 an extra part or extension attached to perform a function.     ↘a computer file appended to an email. 2》 affection or fondness.     ↘an affectionate relationship. 3》 the action of attaching. 4》 Brit. temporary secondment to an… …   English new terms dictionary

  • attachment order — noun (law) A court order prohibiting a debtor from selling off his or her assets until a particular claim has been settled • • • Main Entry: ↑attach …   Useful english dictionary

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