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asymmetrical missile configuration

  • 1 asymmetrical missile configuration

    Авиасловарь > asymmetrical missile configuration

  • 2 configuration

    1. конфигурация; схема; компоновка; форма; комбинация
    3. вариант <ЛА>
    10x8 configuration
    15% unstable configuration
    actuator configuration
    aero-balanced configuration
    aeroelastic configuration
    aeromedical configuration
    aft CG configuration
    air defence configuration
    air-combat configuration
    air-to-air configuration
    aircraft configuration
    aircraft-like configuration
    airfoil-spoiler-flap configuration
    airframe-inlet configuration
    all-cargo configuration
    all-economy configuration
    all-freight configuration
    all-wing configuration
    anti-ice configuration
    approach-flap configuration
    arrow-wing configuration
    as delivered configuration
    as-built configuration
    asymmetrical missile configuration
    back-staggered configuration
    baseline configuration
    benchmark configuration
    blade configuration
    blade/hub configuration
    blowing configuration
    broad-brush configuration
    butterfly configuration
    cabin configuration
    canard configuration
    canard-tail configuration
    canard-wing configuration
    canard-wing-body configuration
    canardless configuration
    cargo-loading configuration
    chine configuration
    chined configuration
    circular configuration
    clean configuration
    close-coupled canard configuration
    close-coupled wing-canard configuration
    closed-loop configuration
    coaxial configuration
    cockpit configuration
    constant gain configuration
    control configuration
    control law configuration
    control surface configuration
    control system configuration
    critical configuration
    cruise configuration
    delta-canard configuration
    delta-winged configuration
    departure resistant configuration
    deployed configuration
    display configuration
    double-delta configuration
    downstop configuration
    dual cargo-hook configuration
    dual-console configuration
    economy class configuration
    ejector-lift and vectored-thrust configuration
    electronic reconnaissance configuration
    empennage configuration
    energy-conservative configuration
    engine configuration
    evaluation configuration
    fairing configuration
    fighter-like configuration
    filter configuration
    finned configuration
    flap configuration
    flapped configuration
    flaps-up configuration
    flying boom configuration
    forebody configuration
    forebody off configuration
    forebody removed configuration
    forward-swept configuration
    forward-swept-wing configuration
    four-blade configuration
    four-engine configuration
    free-turbine configuration
    geometric configuration
    glide configuration
    glove-fuselage configuration
    go-around configuration
    heavy store configuration
    high-angle-of-attack configuration
    high-control-effectiveness configuration
    high-altitude configuration
    high-density configuration
    high-fineness-ratio configuration
    high-lift configuration
    high-overshoot configuration
    high-wing configuration
    horizontal ellipse configuration
    hypersonic configuration
    in-flight configuration
    in-line configuration
    inboard-jointed configuration
    inertially slender configuration
    inlet configuration
    inversely derived configuration
    iron bird configuration
    jet balanced configuration
    joined wing configuration
    landing configuration
    LEX configuration
    lifting body configuration
    lighting configuration
    low-bypass configuration
    low-drag configuration
    low-fineness-ratio configuration
    low-overshoot configuration
    low-signature configuration
    low-speed configuration
    maneuver configuration
    midwing configuration
    minimum drag configuration
    mixed-class configuration
    multisurface configuration
    multibody configuration
    multiengine configuration
    multiple-jet configuration
    normal-shock configuration
    nose-boom-off configuration
    nose-boom-on configuration
    oblique-wing configuration
    open-loop configuration
    ordnance configuration
    over-the-wing configuration
    panelized configuration
    parcel-freighter configuration
    partial-freight configuration
    passenger configuration
    payload configuration
    pitch control configuration
    pitch attitude-tracking configuration
    pitch-only configuration
    pitch rate command configuration
    podded configuration
    pole-zero configuration
    poor RSS configuration
    power approach configuration
    power-on aircraft configuration
    powered configuration
    powerplant configuration
    pre-production configuration
    production configuration
    propulsor configuration
    pusher configuration
    ratchet configuration
    real configuration
    rear-loading configuration
    rotor plus wing configuration
    rotor-airframe configuration
    rotor-fuselage configuration
    rotor-winglet configuration
    rotorcraft configuration
    seating configuration
    sensor configuration
    side-by-side configuration
    simulation configuration
    single-jet configuration
    single-body configuration
    single-engine configuration
    single-fuselage configuration
    single-pilot configuration
    single-rotor configuration
    single-shaft configuration
    sized configuration
    slat configuration
    soft in-plane configuration
    spoiler configuration
    stable configuration
    stall-resistant configuration
    starting configuration
    steady flight configuration
    stiff in-plane configuration
    STOL configuration
    store configuration
    STOVL configuration
    straight-wing configuration
    strake off configuration
    strake-wing configuration
    supersonic cruise configuration
    symmetrical missile configuration
    T-tail configuration
    tail configuration
    tail control configuration
    tail-aft configuration
    tailed configuration
    tailed-delta configuration
    tailless configuration
    takeoff configuration
    tandem configuration
    tandem-wing configuration
    tandem-rotor configuration
    test configuration
    three shaft configuration
    three-engine configuration
    three-shock configuration
    thrust-down configuration
    thrust-up configuration
    thrust-vectored configuration
    tilt-rotor configuration
    tilting engine configuration
    tip-jointed configuration
    tractor configuration
    trailing-edge configuration
    Trefftz-plane configuration
    tunnel-supported configuration
    turbojet-powered configuration
    turboprop configuration
    turboshaft configuration
    turning configuration
    twin-lift helicopter configuration
    two-bladed configuration
    two-cabin configuration
    two-engine configuration
    two-shaft configuration
    two-stage configuration
    two-surface configuration
    under-the-wing configuration
    unslatted configuration
    unstable configuration
    unstick configuration
    up and away configuration
    upper-surface-blowing configuration
    upper-surface-blown configuration
    USB configuration
    V/STOL configuration
    variable-bypass-ratio configuration
    variable-geometry configuration
    VATOL configuration
    vectored-engine-over-wing configuration
    VEO-wing configuration
    vertical ellipse configuration
    VTOL configuration
    widely spaced pod configuration
    Wild Weasel configuration
    wing configuration
    wing mounted configuration
    wing-body-nacelle configuration
    wing-body-tail configuration
    wing-canard configuration
    wing-fence configuration
    wing-flap configuration
    wing-spoiler-flap configuration
    wing-tail-fuselage configuration
    wing-store configuration
    yaw vane configuration
    zig-zag configuration

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