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с румынского на английский

as part of a word

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  • part exchange — UK US noun [uncountable] british a method of buying something new such as a car by giving your old one as part of the payment for the new one in part exchange: They offered to take my old car in part exchange. Thesaurus: describing ways of buying …   Useful english dictionary

  • Word stem — Examples The stem of the verb wait is wait: it is the part that is common to all its inflected variants. wait (infinitive) wait (imperative) waits (present, 3rd person, singluar) wait (present, other persons and/or plural) waited (simple past)… …   Wikipedia

  • word class — noun one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context (Freq. 3) • Syn: ↑part of speech, ↑form class • Hypernyms: ↑grammatical category, ↑syntactic category • Hyponyms …   Useful english dictionary

  • Word — A word is a unit of language that carries meaning and consists of one or more morphemes which are linked more or less tightly together, and has a phonetic value. Typically a word will consist of a root or stem and zero or more affixes. Words can… …   Wikipedia

  • word of mouth —   a term referring to the public discussion or buzz that a film can acquire, fueled by sneak previews and advance advertising; word of mouth is an important marketing element in a film s success or failure positive word of mouth gives a film legs …   Glossary of cinematic terms

  • word element — /ˈwɜd ɛləmənt/ (say werd eluhmuhnt) noun a part of a word which is meaningful, often a combining form in the language from which the word is derived, as archy meaning rule which in Greek is the combining form of archia …   Australian English dictionary

  • Part-of-speech tagging — (POS tagging or POST), also called grammatical tagging or word category disambiguation, is the process of marking up the words in a text as corresponding to a particular part of speech, based on both its definition, as well as its context i.e.,… …   Wikipedia

  • Word Association — is a common word game involving an exchange of words that are associated together.How to playOnce an original word has been chosen, usually randomly or arbitrarily, a player will find a word that they associate with it and make it known to all… …   Wikipedia

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  • Word of Blake — was once part of ComStar, part of the fictional BattleTech universe, but splintered from the order due to a difference in beliefs. Contents 1 ComStar 2 The Schism 3 Weapons of Mass Destruction 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Word Alive — was a large student Christian held each year at the Skegness, UK Butlins site, during the Easter holiday period. The conference was organised by Spring Harvest, UCCF and Keswick Convention as part of the Spring Harvest bible conference. The… …   Wikipedia


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