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artistic device

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  • device — [di vīs′] n. [ME & OFr devis, division, will < OFr deviser: see DEVISE] 1. a thing devised; plan; scheme, esp. a sly or underhanded scheme; trick 2. an invention or contrivance, esp. a mechanical one, for some specific purpose 3. something… …   English World dictionary

  • device — /dəˈvaɪs / (say duh vuys) noun 1. an invention or contrivance. 2. a plan or scheme for effecting a purpose. 3. a crafty scheme; a trick. 4. an artistic figure or design used as a heraldic bearing (often accompanied by a motto), or as an emblem,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • device — noun Etymology: Middle English devis, devise, from Anglo French, division, plan, from deviser to divide, regulate, tell more at devise Date: 14th century 1. something devised or contrived: as a. (1) plan, procedure, technique …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Device — (heraldic): The symbols displayed to distinguish a knight on the battle or tournament field. The rules of how such devices could be rendered, called heraldry, was to grow after the 14th century from an ad hoc set of customs to a more rigid set of …   Medieval glossary

  • Framing device — The term framing device refers to the usage of the same single action, scene, event, setting, or any element of significance at both the beginning and end of an artistic, musical, or literary work. The repeated element thus creates a ‘frame’… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign (display device) — A sign (pronEng|ˈsaɪn) is a publicly displayed or posted notice, board, or other device bearing letters, symbols and/or designs to convey a designation, name, direction, information, instruction, warning, advertisement, or other message. Signage… …   Wikipedia

  • Russian formalism — was an influential school of literary criticism in Russia from the 1910s to the 1930s. It includes the work of a number of highly influential Russian and Soviet scholars such as Viktor Shklovsky, Yuri Tynianov, Boris Eichenbaum, Roman Jakobson,… …   Wikipedia

  • Imitation (art) — Imitation is the fundamental doctrine of artistic creativity according to which the creative process should be based on the close imitation of the masterpieces of the preceding authors. This concept was first forumated by Dionysius of… …   Wikipedia

  • Limited animation — is a process of making animated cartoons that do not follow a realistic approach. One of its major trademarks is the stylized design in all forms and shapes, which in the early days was referred to as modern design. The short cartoons and feature …   Wikipedia

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  • Morgan le Fay — For other uses, see Morgan le Fay (disambiguation). Morgan le Fay, by Anthony Frederick Sandys (1829–1904), 1864 (Birmingham Art Gallery): a spell brewing Morgaine distinctly of Tennyson s generation. Morgan le Fay /ˈmɔrɡən lə ˈfeɪ/,… …   Wikipedia