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artificially generated terrain

  • 1 artificially generated terrain

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > artificially generated terrain

  • 2 terrain

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > terrain

  • 3 system

    system of axes
    3-component LDV system
    3-D LDV system
    4-D system
    4-D flight-management system
    4-D guidance system
    AC electrical system
    actuation system
    aerial delivery system
    aerostat system
    AEW system
    afterburning control system
    AI-based expert system
    aileron-to-rudder system
    air bleed offtake system
    air cushion system
    air cycle system
    air data system
    air defence system
    air induction system
    air refueling system
    air traffic control system
    air-combat advisory system
    air-conditioning system
    air-path axis system
    air-turbine starting system
    airborne early warning system
    aircooling system
    aircraft reference axis system
    aircraft weight-and-balance measuring system
    aircraft-autopilot system
    aircraft-based system
    aircraft-bifilar-pendulum system
    aircraft-carried earth axis system
    aircraft-carried normal earth axis system
    aircrew escape system
    airfield lighting control system
    airframe/rotor system
    airspeed system
    alcohol-wash system
    alignment control system
    all-electronic system
    all-weather mission system
    altitude loss warning system
    angle-of-attack command system
    anti-collision system
    anti-g system
    antitorque system
    anti-icing system
    antiskid system
    area-navigation system
    ARI system
    artificial feel system
    artificial intelligence-based expert system
    artificially augmented flight control system
    ATC system
    attitude and heading reference system
    audio system
    audiovisual system
    auto-diagnosis system
    auto-hover system
    autolanding system
    automatic cambering system
    automatic trim system
    autostabilization system
    autotrim system
    axis system
    B system
    balance-fixed coordinate system
    base-excited system
    basic axis system
    beam-foundation system
    bifilar pendulum suspension system
    bladder system
    blowing system
    blowing boundary layer control system
    blown flap system
    body axis system
    body axis coordinate system
    body-fitted coordinate system
    body-fixed reference system
    boom system
    boosted flight control system
    braking system
    breathing system
    buddy-buddy refuelling system
    cabin pressurization system
    cable-mount system
    CAD system
    canopy's jettison system
    cardiovascular system
    cargo loading system
    cargo-handling system
    carrier catapult system
    cartesian axis system
    Cat III system
    central nervous system
    CGI system
    circulating oil system
    closed cooling system
    closed-loop system
    cockpit system
    cockpit management system
    collision avoidance system
    combined cooling system
    command-by-voice system
    command/vehicle system
    commercial air transportation system
    compensatory system
    computer-aided design system
    computer-assisted system
    computer-generated image system
    computer-generated visual system
    concentrated-mass system
    conflict-alert system
    conservative system
    constant bandwidth system
    constant gain system
    consultative expert system
    control system
    control augmented system
    control loader system
    cooling system
    coordinate system
    counterstealth system
    coupled system
    coupled fire and flight-control system
    covert mission system
    crew systems
    cueing system
    curvilinear coordinate system
    damped system
    data system
    data acquisition system
    data handling system
    data transfer system
    data-gathering system
    DC electrical system
    decision support system
    defensive avionics system
    deicing system
    demisting system
    departure prevention system
    deterministic system
    dual-dual redundant system
    4-D navigation system
    6-DOF motion system
    diagnosable system
    dial-a-flap system
    direct impingement starting system
    displacement control system
    display system
    display-augmented system
    divergent system
    DLC system
    dogfight system
    door-to-door system
    Doppler ground velocity system
    double-balance system
    drive system
    drive train/rotor system
    dry air refueling system
    dual-field-of-view system
    dual-wing system
    dynamic system
    early-warning system
    Earth-centered coordinate system
    earth-fixed axis system
    earth/sky/horizon projector system
    ejection system
    ejection display system
    ejection seat escape system
    ejection sequence system
    ejector exhaust system
    ejector lift system
    election safety system
    electric starting system
    electro-expulsive deicing system
    electro-impulse deicing system
    electro-vibratory deicing system
    electronic flight instrumentation system
    Elint system
    emergency power system
    emitter locator system
    EMP-protected system
    engine monitoring system
    engine-propeller system
    engine-related system
    enhanced lift system
    envelope-limiting system
    environmental control system
    escape system
    excessive pitch attitude warning system
    exhaust system
    FADEC system
    fault-tolerant system
    FBW system
    feathering system
    feedback system
    feel system
    fin axis system
    fire detection system
    fire suppression system
    fire-extinguishing system
    fire-protection system
    five-point restraint system
    fixed-structure control system
    flap system
    flap/slat system
    flash-protection system
    flexible manufacturing system
    flight control system
    flight control actuation system
    flight director system
    flight inspection system
    flight management system
    flight path system
    flight path axis system
    flight test system
    flight-test instrumentation system
    flotation system
    fluid anti-icing system
    flutter control system
    flutter margin augmentation system
    flutter suppression system
    fluttering system
    fly-by-light system
    fly-by-light control system
    fly-by-wire system
    fly-by-wire/power-by-wire control system
    foolproof system
    force-excited system
    force-feel system
    forward vision augmentation system
    fuel conservative guidance system
    fuel management system
    fuel transfer system
    full-vectoring system
    full-authority digital engine control system
    full-motion system
    full-state system
    full-time system
    fully articulated rotor system
    fuselage axis system
    g-command system
    g-cueing system
    g-limiting system
    gas generator control system
    gas turbine starting system
    global positioning system
    governing system
    ground collision avoidance system
    ground proximity warning system
    ground-axes system
    ground-fixed coordinate system
    ground-referenced navigation system
    gust alleviation system
    gust control system
    gyroscopic system
    gyroscopically coupled system
    halon fire-extinguishing system
    halon gas fire-fighting system
    hands-off system
    head-aimed system
    headup guidance system
    helmet pointing system
    helmet-mounted visual system
    hierarchical system
    high-damping system
    high-authority system
    high-lift system
    high-order system
    high-pay-off system
    high-resolution system
    higher harmonic control system
    hose-reel system
    hot-gas anti-icing system
    hub plane axis system
    hub plane reference axis system
    hub-fixed coordinate system
    hydraulic system
    hydraulic starting system
    hydropneumatic system
    hydrostatic motion system
    hysteretic system
    ice-protection system
    icing cloud spray system
    icing-protection system
    identification friend or foe system
    image generator system
    in-flight entertainment system
    incidence limiting system
    inert gas generating system
    inertial coordinate system
    inertial navigation system
    inertial reference system
    infinite-dimensional system
    information management system
    inlet boundary layer control system
    inlet control system
    input system
    instruction system
    instrument landing system
    instrumentation system
    intelligence system
    intelligent system
    interconnection system
    intermediate axis system
    intrusion alarm system
    intrusion detection system
    inverted fuel system
    landing guidance system
    large-travel motion system
    laser-based visual system
    lateral attitude control system
    lateral control system
    lateral feel system
    lateral seat restraint system
    lateral-directional stability and command augmentation system
    lead compensated system
    left-handed coordinate system
    leg restraint system
    life support system
    liferaft deployment system
    lift-distribution control system
    lighter-than-air system
    lightly damped system
    lightning protection system
    lightning sensor system
    lightning warning system
    limited-envelope flight control system
    linear vibrating system
    liquid oxygen system
    load control system
    load indication system
    local-horizon system
    loom system
    low-damping system
    low-order system
    LQG controlled system
    lubrication system
    lumped parameter system
    Mach number system
    main transmission system
    maintenance diagnostic system
    maintenance record system
    man-in-the-loop system
    man-machine system
    maneuver demand system
    maneuvering attack system
    mass-spring-dashpot system
    mass-spring-damper system
    mast-mounted sight system
    mechanical-hydraulic flight control system
    microwave landing system
    MIMO system
    mine-sweeping system
    missile system
    missile-fixed system
    mission-planning system
    mobile aircraft arresting system
    modal cancellation system
    modal suppression system
    mode-decoupling system
    model reference system
    model-based visual system
    model-following system
    modelboard system
    molecular sieve oxygen generation system
    monopulse system
    motion system
    motion generation system
    multi-input single-output system
    multi-input, multi-output system
    multimode system
    multibody system
    multidegree-of-freedom system
    multiloop system
    multiple-input single output system
    multiple-input, multiple-output system
    multiple-loop system
    multiple-redundant system
    multiply supported system
    multishock system
    multivariable system
    navigation management system
    navigation/attack system
    navigation/bomb system
    NDT system
    neuromuscular system
    night/dusk visual system
    portable aircraft arresting system
    nitrogen inerting system
    no-tail-rotor system
    nonminimum phase system
    nonoscillatory system
    nonconservative system
    normal earth-fixed axis system
    Notar system
    nozzle control system
    nuclear-hardened system
    observer-based system
    obstacle warning system
    oil system
    on-board inert gas generation system
    on-board maintenance system
    on-board oxygen generating system
    on-off system
    one degree of freedom system
    one-shot lubrication system
    open cooling system
    open seat escape system
    open-loop system
    operability system
    optic-based control system
    optimally controlled system
    orthogonal axis system
    oxygen generation system
    parachute system
    partial vectoring system
    partial vibrating system
    performance-seeking system
    perturbed system
    pilot reveille system
    pilot vision system
    pilot-aircraft system
    pilot-aircraft-task system
    pilot-in-the-loop system
    pilot-manipulator system
    pilot-plus-airplane system
    pilot-vehicle-task system
    pilot-warning system
    pilot/vehicle system
    pitch change system
    pitch compensation system
    pitch stability and command augmentation system
    pitch rate system
    pitch rate command system
    pitch rate flight control system
    pneumatic deicing system
    pneumatic ice-protection system
    pneumodynamic system
    position hold system
    power system
    power-assisted system
    power-boosted system
    powered high-lift system
    powered-lift system
    precognitive system
    pressurization system
    preview system
    probabilistically diagnosable system
    probe refuelling system
    pronated escape system
    propeller-fixed coordinate system
    propulsive lift system
    proximity warning system
    pursuit system
    push-rod control system
    quantized system
    random system
    rating system
    reconfigurable system
    rectangular coordinate system
    reduced-gain system
    reference axis system
    refuelling system
    remote augmentor lift system
    remote combustion system
    response-feedback system
    restart system
    restraint system
    restructurable control system
    retraction system
    ride-control system
    ride-quality system
    ride-quality augmentation system
    ride-smoothing system
    right-handed axis system
    right-handed coordinate system
    rigid body system
    robotic refueling system
    rod-mass system
    roll augmentation system
    roll rate command system
    rotating system
    rotor system
    rotor isolation system
    rotor-body system
    rotor-wing lift system
    route planner system
    rudder trim system
    rudder-augmentation system
    sampled-data system
    scheduling system
    schlieren system
    sea-based system
    seat restraint system
    seatback video system
    self-adjoint system
    self-contained starting system
    self-diagnosable system
    self-excited system
    self-repairing system
    self-sealing fuel system
    self-tuning system
    shadow-mask system
    shadowgraph system
    ship-fixed coordinate system
    shock system
    short-closed oil system
    sighting system
    simulation system
    simulator-based learning system
    single degree of freedom system
    single-input multiple-output system
    singularly perturbed system
    situational awareness system
    six-axis motion system
    six-degree-of-freedom motion system
    six-puck brake system
    ski-and-wheel system
    skid-to-turn system
    snapping system
    soft mounting system
    soft ride system
    sound system
    speed-stability system
    spherical coordinate system
    spin recovery system
    spin-prevention system
    spring-mass-dashpot system
    stability and control augmentation system
    stability augmentation system
    stability axis coordinate system
    stability enhancement system
    stall detection system
    stall inhibitor system
    stall protection system
    stall warning system
    starting system
    stealth system
    stochastic system
    storage and retrieval system
    store alignment system
    stores management system
    strap-down inertial system
    structural system
    structural-mode compensation system
    structural-mode control system
    structural-mode suppression system
    STT system
    suppression system
    suspension system
    tactile sensory system
    tail clearance control system
    tail warning system
    task-tailored system
    terrain-aided navigation system
    terrain-referencing system
    test system
    thermal control system
    thermal protection system
    threat-warning system
    three-axis augmentation system
    three-body tethered system
    three-control system
    three-gyro system
    through-the-canopy escape system
    thrust modulation system
    thrust-vectoring system
    tilt-fold-rotor system
    time-invariant system
    time-varying system
    tip-path-plane coordinate system
    torque command/limiting system
    tractor rocket system
    trailing cone static pressure system
    training system
    trajectory guidance system
    translation rate command system
    translational acceleration control system
    trim system
    trim tank system
    triple-load-path system
    tutoring system
    twin-dome system
    two degree of freedom system
    two-body system
    two-input system
    two-input two-output system
    two-pod system
    two-shock system
    two-step shock absorber system
    unpowered flap system
    unpowered high-lift system
    utility services management system
    vapor cycle cooling system
    variable feel system
    variable stability system
    variable structure system
    vestibular sensory system
    vibrating system
    vibration isolation system
    vibration-control system
    vibration-damping system
    video-disc-based visual system
    visor projection system
    visual system
    visual display system
    visual flying rules system
    visual sensory system
    visual simulation system
    visually coupled system
    voice-activated system
    vortex system
    vortex attenuating system
    VTOL control system
    wake-imaging system
    warning system
    water injection cooling system
    water-mist system
    water-mist spray system
    weather system
    wheel steering system
    wide angle visual system
    wind coordinate system
    wind shear system
    wind-axes system
    wind-axes coordinate system
    wind-fixed coordinate system
    wing axis system
    wing flap system
    wing sweep system
    wing-load-alleviation system
    wing-mounted system
    wing/propulsion system
    wiring system
    yaw vane system

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