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area progression curve

  • 1 area progression curve

    эпюра площадей <напр. поперечных сечений самолета>

    Авиасловарь > area progression curve

  • 2 curve

    1. кривая (линия); характеристика; график
    acceleration-time curve
    amplitude-frequency curve
    area progression curve
    calibration curve
    canard-off lift curve
    characteristic curve
    coefficient-of-lift curve
    constant energy curve
    crack growth curve
    deadman's curve
    dog curve
    drag curve
    dual-stage air curve
    envelope curve
    exponential curve
    fatigue curve
    flutter curve
    flutter boundary curve
    frequency-response curve
    g-time tolerance curve
    gain and phase curves
    Gaussian probability curve
    inflow curve
    jump curve
    L/D versus Mach number curve
    lead-pursuit curve
    learning curve
    lift curve
    load displacement curve
    load versus deflection curve
    load-deflection curve
    load-deformation curve
    load-strain curve
    load-stroke curve
    load-time curve
    magnitude curve
    partial power curve
    phase curve
    pitching-moment curve
    power-available curve
    power-required curve
    pursuit curve
    response curve
    S-N curve
    sensitivity curve
    SFC curve
    shock strut air curve
    single-stage curve
    skeleton curve
    spring curve
    tail-off lift curve
    thrust curve
    thrust-required versus speed curve
    trim curve
    velocity vs displacement amplitude curve
    WAT curve

    Авиасловарь > curve

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