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aortic bulb

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  • Aortic septum — Infobox Embryology Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 135 GrayPage = 514 Caption = Heart of human embryo of about thirty five days, opened on right side. (Aortic septum labeled at center right.) Caption2 = Diagrams to show the development of… …   Wikipedia

  • bulb — BULB, bulbi, s.m. 1. Tulpină (subterană) a unor plante, alcătuită din frunze în formă de tunici sau solzi suprapuşi (în care se depun substanţe de rezervă), cu un înveliş membranos uscat. 2. (În sintagmele) Bulb pilos = partea terminală, umflată …   Dicționar Român

  • bulb — 1. Any globular or fusiform structure. SYN: bulbus [TA]. 2. A short, vertical underground stem of plants, such as onion and garlic. [L. bulbus, a bulbous root] aortic b. [TA] the dilated first part of the aorta containing the aort …   Medical dictionary

  • bulbus — SYN: bulb (1). [L. a plant bulb] b. aortae SYN: aortic bulb. b. cordis a transitory dilation in the embryonic heart where the arterial trunk joins the ventral roots of the aortic arches. b. cornus post …   Medical dictionary

  • Aorticopulmonary septum — Infobox Embryology Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 135 GrayPage = 514 Caption = Diagrams to show the development of the septum of the aortic bulb and of the ventricles. Caption2 = Transverse sections through the aortic bulb to show the… …   Wikipedia

  • sinus — 1. [TA] A channel for the passage of blood or lymph, without the coats of an ordinary vessel; e.g., blood passages in the gravid uterus or those in the cerebral meninges. 2. [TA] A cavity or …   Medical dictionary

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  • Sign — Any abnormality that indicates a disease process, such as a change in appearance, sensation, or function, that is observed by a physician when evaluating a patient. * * * 1. Any abnormality indicative of disease, discoverable on examination of… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Ascending aorta — Infobox Artery Name = PAGENAME Latin = pars ascendens aortae, aorta ascendens GraySubject = 142 Caption = Plan of the branches. Caption2 = The arch of the aorta, and its branches. BranchFrom = BranchTo = aortic arch, right coronary artery, left… …   Wikipedia

  • part — A portion. SYN: pars [TA]. abdominal p. of aorta SYN: abdominal aorta. abdominal p. of esophagus [TA] the portion of the esophagus from where it passes through the diaphragm to the stomach. See …   Medical dictionary

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