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anycast address

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  • Anycast — is a network addressing and routing scheme whereby data is routed to the nearest or best destination as viewed by the routing topology.The term is intended to echo the terms unicast, broadcast and multicast.* In unicast , there is a one to one… …   Wikipedia

  • Anycast — Схемы маршрутизации …   Википедия

  • IPv6 address — An Internet Protocol Version 6 address (IPv6 address) is a numerical label that is used to identify a network interface of a computer or other network node participating in an IPv6 enabled computer network. IP addresses serve the purpose of… …   Wikipedia

  • Duplicate Address Detection — IPv6 im TCP/IP‑Protokollstapel: Anwendung HTTP IMAP SMTP DNS … Transport TCP UDP …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Duplicate Address Test — IPv6 im TCP/IP‑Protokollstapel: Anwendung HTTP IMAP SMTP DNS … Transport TCP UDP …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • IP address — Réseau privé Dans la nomenclature Internet, un réseau privé est un réseau qui utilise les plages d adressage définies par la RFC 1918 private IP address et qui n est pas relié à l Internet public. Un réseau privé peut être utilisé par n importe… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Root name server — A Cisco 7301 router, part of the AMS IX mirror of the K root server. A root name server is a name server for the Domain Name System s root zone. It directly answers requests for records in the root zone and answers other requests returning a list …   Wikipedia

  • 6to4 — (sometimes written 6 to 4) is a system that allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network (generally the IPv4 internet) without the need to configure explicit tunnels. Routing conventions are also in place that allow 6to4 hosts to… …   Wikipedia

  • Subnetwork — Creating a subnet by dividing the host identifier A subnetwork, or subnet, is a logically visible subdivision of an IP network.[1] The practice of dividing a network into subnetworks is called subnetting. All computers that belong to a subnet are …   Wikipedia

  • ICMPv6 — Internet Control Message Protocol Version 6 (ICMPv6) or ICMP for IPv6 is a new version of ICMP. ICMPv6 is defined in RFC 4443.ICMPv6 operates in the Internet Layer of the TCP/IP model and performs error reporting for the Internet Protocol, as… …   Wikipedia

  • IPv6 — Internet protocol suite Application layer BGP DHCP DNS FTP …   Wikipedia

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