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anterior cerebral artery

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  • anterior cerebral artery — n CEREBRAL ARTERY (a) …   Medical dictionary

  • Anterior cerebral artery — Infobox Artery Name = Anterior cerebral artery Latin = arteria cerebri anterior GraySubject = 146 GrayPage = 571 Width = 335 Caption = Outer surface of cerebral hemisphere, showing areas supplied by cerebral arteries. (Blue is region supplied by… …   Wikipedia

  • anterior cerebral artery — noun one of two branches of the internal carotid artery; divides into two branches that serve (1) the thalamus and (2) parts of the frontal and parietal cortex • Hypernyms: ↑cerebral artery, ↑arteria cerebri …   Useful english dictionary

  • Anterior cerebral artery syndrome — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = Outer surface of cerebral hemisphere, showing areas supplied by cerebral arteries. (Blue is region supplied by anterior cerebral artery.) DiseasesDB = ICD10 = ICD10|G|46|1|g|40 ICD9 = ICDO = OMIM =… …   Wikipedia

  • segments of anterior cerebral artery — the segments into which the anterior cerebral artery is divided; in anatomical terminology segments A1 (precommunicating part) and A2 (postcommunicating part) are recognized. In clinical terminology, the artery is described as comprising five… …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus of anterior cerebral artery — a thin plexus of sympathetic nerve fibers accompanying the anterior cerebral artery …   Medical dictionary

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  • anterior temporal artery — noun temporal artery that goes to the anterior part of the cerebral cortex of the temporal lobe • Syn: ↑arteria temporalis anterior • Hypernyms: ↑temporal artery …   Useful english dictionary

  • cerebral artery — n any of the arteries supplying the cerebral cortex: a) an artery that arises from the internal carotid artery, forms the anterior portion of the circle of Willis where it is linked to the artery on the opposite side by the anterior communicating …   Medical dictionary

  • Cerebral artery — can refer to: * Anterior cerebral artery * Middle cerebral artery * Posterior cerebral artery …   Wikipedia