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angle of torque

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  • angle of torsion — or angle of twist : the angle through which a radial section of a body (as a wire or a shaft) deflects from its normal position when the body is subjected to torque …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Self aligning torque — Self aligning torque, also known as the aligning torque, SAT or Mz, is the torque that a tire creates as it rolls along that tends to steer it, ie rotate it around its vertical axis. Even if the slip angle and camber are zero, and the road is… …   Wikipedia

  • self-aligning torque — A torque which is created by the tire when the vehicle corners. The force created at the tire patch acts toward the rear of the actual center of the wheel. This action is called pneumatic trail. It has the same effect as positive caster and can… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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