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analytical stresses

  • 1 analytical stresses

    Авиасловарь > analytical stresses

  • 2 stress

    1. напряжение; напряженное состояние/ подвергать напряжению
    2. (эмоциональный) стресс; нервно-психическое напряжение
    alternating stresses
    analytical stresses
    bending stress
    boundary stress
    combined stresses
    compression stress
    compressive stress
    constant amplitude stress
    contact stress
    crushing stress
    cyclic stresses
    design stress
    elasto-static stresses
    fabric stress
    failure stress
    fatigue stress
    flying stresses
    fracture stress
    frame stress
    free edge stresses
    G stress
    ground stresses
    hoop stress
    in-flight stresses
    internal stress
    job stress
    laminate stress
    limit stress
    maximum stress per cycle
    membrane stress
    midplane stresses
    mission stress
    normal stress
    operating stress
    peak cycle stress
    plane stresses
    plate stresses
    principal stress
    proof stress
    psychological stress
    resultant stress
    Reynolds stress
    rupture stress
    shear stress
    shearing stress
    steady stress
    tensile stress
    tension stress
    thermal stress
    thermally induced stress
    thermoelastic stress
    ultimate stress
    vibratory stress
    virtual stress
    wing root stress
    yield stress

    Авиасловарь > stress

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