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an itinerant preacher

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  • Itinerant — I*tin er*ant ([ i]*t[i^]n [ e]r*ant), a. [LL. itinerans, antis, p. pr. of itinerare to make a journey, fr. L. iter, itineris, a walk, way, journey. See {Errant}, {Issue}.] Passing or traveling about a country; going or preaching on a circuit;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • itinerant — [ī tin′ərənt, i tin′ərənt] adj. [LL itinerans, prp. of itinerari, to travel < L iter (gen. itineris), a walk, journey < base of ire, to go: see YEAR] traveling from place to place or on a circuit n. a person who travels from place to place… …   English World dictionary

  • itinerant — adjective Etymology: Late Latin itinerant , itinerans, present participle of itinerari to journey, from Latin itiner , iter journey, way; akin to Hittite itar way, Latin ire to go more at issue Date: circa 1576 traveling from place to place;… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • itinerant — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) adj. wandering, nomadic, wayfaring, peripatetic, traveling. See travel. II (Roget s IV) modif. Syn. wandering, roving, nomadic, vagrant, migratory, peripatetic; see also vagrant 2 , wandering 1 . Syn.… …   English dictionary for students

  • Itinerant — I*tin er*ant, a. One who travels from place to place, particularly a preacher; one who is unsettled. [1913 Webster] Glad to turn itinerant, To stroll and teach from town to town. Hudibras. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • preacher — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ charismatic, dynamic, famous, good, great, popular, well known ▪ fundamentalist, radical …   Collocations dictionary

  • preacher — n. an itinerant; lay preacher * * * [ priːtʃə] lay preacher an itinerant …   Combinatory dictionary

  • preacher —   Kahuna pule, kahu.    ♦ Preacher of salvation, ha i ola.    ♦ Traveling preacher, kahuna pule ka ahele.    ♦ Teaching preacher, kahuna a o, kahuna ha i ōlelo (especially an itinerant one) …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • itinerant — adj. Itinerant is used with these nouns: ↑preacher, ↑trader …   Collocations dictionary

  • itinerant — /aɪˈtɪnərənt / (say uy tinuhruhnt) adjective 1. a. itinerating; journeying; travelling from place to place. b. moving on a circuit, as a preacher, judge, or pedlar. –noun 2. someone who travels from place to place, especially for duty or business …   Australian-English dictionary

  • John Newland Maffitt (preacher) — John Newland Maffitt (December 28, 1795, Dublin, Ireland May 28, 1850, Alabama), was an Irish born American Methodist clergyman and itinerant preacher. Maffitt emigrated from Ireland in 1819 and in 1822 began preaching in the New England… …   Wikipedia

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