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amount of reduction

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  • reduction — re‧duc‧tion [rɪˈdʌkʆn] noun FINANCE 1. [countable, uncountable] when prices, costs etc become lower or are made lower: • Our winter sale includes many price reductions. • We can make a reduction (= sell something more cheaply …   Financial and business terms

  • reduction — [ri duk′shən] n. [LME reduccion < MFr reduction < L reductio < reductus, pp. of reducere] 1. a reducing or being reduced 2. anything made or brought about by reducing, as a smaller copy, lowered price, sauce of concentrated liquid, etc.… …   English World dictionary

  • reduction — ► NOUN 1) the action of reducing something. 2) the amount by which something is reduced. 3) a smaller copy of a picture or photograph. 4) a thick and concentrated liquid or sauce …   English terms dictionary

  • reduction */*/*/ — UK [rɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n] / US [rɪˈdʌkʃən] noun Word forms reduction : singular reduction plural reductions 1) [countable/uncountable] the process or result of making something smaller or less in amount, size, importance etc reduction in: There has been a …   English dictionary

  • reduction — re|duc|tion [ rı dʌkʃən ] noun *** 1. ) count or uncount the process or result of making something smaller or less in amount, size, importance, etc.: reduction in: There has been a dramatic reduction in the birth rate. reduction of: The treaty… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • reduction — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ big, considerable, great, large, major, marked, significant, substantial ▪ The changes may result in a greater reduction in employee numbers than we had previously …   Collocations dictionary

  • Reduction of nitro compounds — The chemical reactions described as reduction of nitro compounds can be facilitated by many different reagents and reaction conditions. Historically, the nitro group was one of the first functional groups to be reduced, due to the ease of nitro… …   Wikipedia

  • reduction — reductional, adj. /ri duk sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of reducing or the state of being reduced. 2. the amount by which something is reduced or diminished. 3. a form produced by reducing; a copy on a smaller scale. 4. Cell Biol. meiosis, esp. the… …   Universalium

  • Reduction Certificate — A document signed by a lender stating the outstanding amount on a mortgage loan. Properties that are encumbered by mortgages are frequently sold before the debt is satisfied. The sale of the mortgaged property most often involves a cash sale… …   Investment dictionary

  • reduction — re|duc|tion W2S3 [rıˈdʌkʃən] n [U and C] a decrease in the size, price, or amount of something, or the act of decreasing something ▪ strategies for noise reduction reduction in ▪ a slight reduction in the price of oil reduction of ▪ the reduction …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Reduction drive — A reduction drive is a mechanical device to shift rotational speed. A planetary reduction drive is a small scale version using ball bearings in an epicyclic arrangement instead of toothed gears.Reduction drives are used in engines of all kinds,… …   Wikipedia