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  • allocators — n. one who allots, one who designates …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Register allocation — In compiler optimization, register allocation is the process of multiplexing a large number of target program variables onto a small number of CPU registers. The goal is to keep as many operands as possible in registers to maximise the execution… …   Wikipedia

  • Slab allocator — Der Slab allocator ist ein Verfahren zur Verwaltung von Arbeitsspeicher, das viele Betriebssysteme und auch Anwendungen verwenden. Der Algorithmus hat zum Ziel, dass bei der häufig vorkommenden Reservierung kleiner Speicherbereiche der vorhandene …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Memory management — is the act of managing computer memory. The essential requirement of memory management is to provide ways to dynamically allocate portions of memory to programs at their request, and freeing it for reuse when no longer needed. This is critical to …   Wikipedia

  • C++0x — is the planned new standard for the C++ programming language. It is intended to replace the existing C++ standard, ISO/IEC 14882, which was published in 1998 and updated in 2003. These predecessors are informally known as C++98 and C++03. The new …   Wikipedia

  • Libumem — is a library used to detect memory management bugs in applications. It is based on the Slab allocator concept. libumem is available as a standard part of the Solaris Operating System from Solaris 9 Update 3 onwards. Functions in this library… …   Wikipedia

  • CEGUI — Stable release 0.7.5 / November 20, 2010 Operating system Cross platform Type graphical user interface License MIT, for version 0.5.0 and above …   Wikipedia

  • Memory safety — Software Testing portal Memory safety is a concern in software development that aims to avoid software bugs that cause security vulnerabilities dealing with random access memory (RAM) access, such as buffer overflows and dangling pointers.… …   Wikipedia

  • C++11 — C++11, also formerly known as C++0x,[1] is the name of the most recent iteration of the C++ programming language, replacing C++TR1, approved by the ISO as of 12 August 2011.[2] The name is derived from the tradition of naming language versions by …   Wikipedia

  • Linked list — In computer science, a linked list is a data structure consisting of a group of nodes which together represent a sequence. Under the simplest form, each node is composed of a datum and a reference (in other words, a link) to the next node in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mesa (programming language) — Mesa Appeared in 1970s and 80s Developer Xerox PARC Typing discipline strongly typed Influenced by ALGOL Influenced Java, Modula 2, Cedar Mesa was an innovat …   Wikipedia


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