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  • 1 up to date

    • nykyaikainen
    • ajantasalla
    • ajanmukainen
    * * *
    1) (completed etc up to the present time: Is the catalogue up to date?; an up-to-date catalogue.) ajantasainen
    2) (modern and in touch with the latest ideas: This method is up to date / very up-to-date; an up-to-date method.) ajanmukainen

    English-Finnish dictionary > up to date

  • 2 real time

    • tosiaika
    • tosiaikainen
    automatic data processing
    • ajantasainen
    • reaaliaika

    English-Finnish dictionary > real time

  • 3 real-time

    • tosiaikainen
    • tosiaika
    automatic data processing
    • ajantasainen
    • reaaliaikainen

    English-Finnish dictionary > real-time

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