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airfoil camber

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  • Camber (aerodynamics) — Camber, in aerospace engineering, is the asymmetry between the top and the bottom curves of an airfoil in cross section.OverviewCamber is often added to an airfoil to increase lift and/or reduce the critical angle of attack (the angle at which… …   Wikipedia

  • camber — [kam′bər] n. [OFr cambre, dial. var. of chambre, bent < L camur, crooked, arched: for IE base see CAMERA] 1. a slight convex curve of a surface, as of a road, a ship s deck, or a beam 2. in automotive wheel alignment, a slight tilt given to… …   English World dictionary

  • Airfoil — An airfoil (in American English) or aerofoil (in British English) is the shape of a wing or blade (of a propeller, rotor or turbine) or sail as seen in cross section. An airfoil shaped body moved through a fluid produces a force perpendicular to… …   Wikipedia

  • camber — i. The curvature of an airfoil above and below the chord line surface. It is the distance between the mean camber line and the chord line. Where the mean camber line lies above the chord line, the airfoil is said to have a positive camber.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • airfoil classification — Airfoils are divided into three classes: high lift, general purpose, and high speed. High lift aerofoil sections are normally used on sailplanes and aircraft with short field operations. They have a high thickness chord ratio, a pronounced camber …   Aviation dictionary

  • camber — I. verb (cambered; cambering) Etymology: French cambrer, from Middle French cambre curved, from Latin camur Date: 1627 intransitive verb to curve upward in the middle transitive verb 1. to arch slightly 2. to impart camber to …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • camber line — A line joining the leading and trailing edges of an airfoil equidistant from the upper and lower surfaces. Also known as mean line and mean camber line. A section of a cambered wing …   Aviation dictionary

  • camber — /kam beuhr/, v.t., v.i. 1. to arch slightly; bend or curve upward in the middle. n. 2. a slight arching, upward curve, or convexity, as of the deck of a ship. 3. a slightly arching piece of timber. 4. Aeron. the rise of the curve of an airfoil,… …   Universalium

  • camber — cam•ber [[t]ˈkæm bər[/t]] v. t. v. i. 1) to arch slightly; curve upward in the middle 2) naut. navig. a slight arching, upward curve, or convexity, as of the deck of a ship 3) bui a slightly arching piece of timber 4) aer. the rise of the curve… …   From formal English to slang

  • NACA airfoil — Profile geometry – 1: Zero lift line; 2: Leading edge; 3: Nose circle; 4: Camber; 5: Max. thickness; 6: Upper surface; 7: Trailing edge; 8: Camber mean line; 9: Lower surface …   Wikipedia

  • NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) airfoil — A method of indicating characteristics of an airfoil. This can be done by describing the airfoil using 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 digits. In a NACA 4 digit airfoil, the first digit expresses the camber in the percentage of chord, the second digit gives the …   Aviation dictionary

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