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airflow disturbances

  • 1 airflow disturbances

    искажения [возмущения] воздушного потока

    Авиасловарь > airflow disturbances

  • 2 disturbance

    1. возмущение, возмущающее воздействие,
    см. тж. perturbance
    4. помеха; помехи
    acceleration disturbance
    acceleration disturbances
    airflow disturbances
    angle-of-attack disturbances
    atmospheric disturbances
    biodynamic disturbance
    crew disturbances
    deterministic disturbance
    discrete disturbance
    flight path disturbances
    gaussian disturbances
    ground disturbance
    gust disturbance
    gust-induced disturbance
    input disturbance
    lateral disturbance
    moment disturbance
    pitch disturbance
    plant disturbance
    pulse disturbance
    random disturbances
    release disturbance
    roll disturbance
    sideslip disturbance
    sinusoidal disturbance
    speed disturbance
    step disturbance
    sway disturbances
    torsional disturbance
    traveling disturbance
    upstream disturbance
    wind disturbance
    yawing disturbance

    Авиасловарь > disturbance

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