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aileron yaw

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  • Aileron — For the band, see The Ailerons …   Wikipedia

  • aileron drag — The yawing effect caused by the asymmetric drag of ailerons. Though present at all angles of attack, it becomes prominent at the stalling angle. The down going aileron is normally deflected through a greater angle than the up going ailerons;… …   Aviation dictionary

  • differential aileron — Those ailerons whose extent of angular movement up and down is different. Normally, up going aileron travels more than a down going aileron. The parasite drag on the wing with the up going aileron is higher to compensate for the additional… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Adverse yaw — is a secondary effect of the application of the ailerons in aircraft. Its cause and effect can be explained as follows:When the control column of an aircraft is moved to the right, the right aileron is deflected upwards, and the left aileron is… …   Wikipedia

  • adverse yaw — A flight condition in which the nose of an aircraft starts to move in the direction opposite to that in which the turn is initiated. The downward deflected aileron, in this case, produces greater induced drag, which results in adverse yaw.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • frise-type aileron — An arrangement designed to reduce the effect of adverse yaw. The ailerons are so shaped that when the aileron goes down, the complete top surfaces of the main plane and the aileron have a smooth, uninterrupted contour, causing little drag. On the …   Aviation dictionary

  • Flight control surfaces — Aircraft flight control surfaces allow a pilot to adjust and control the aircraft s flight attitude.Development of an effective set of flight controls was a critical advance in the development of the aircraft. Early efforts at fixed wing aircraft …   Wikipedia

  • Spin (flight) — In aviation, a spin is an aggravated stall resulting in rotation about the center of gravity wherein the aircraft follows a downward corkscrew path. Spins can be entered unintentionally or intentionally, from any flight attitude and from… …   Wikipedia

  • Dutch roll — is a type of aircraft motion, consisting of an out of phase combination of tail wagging and rocking from side to side. This yaw roll coupling is one of the basic flight dynamic modes (others include phugoid, short period, and spiral divergence).… …   Wikipedia

  • Aerobatics (radio-controlled aircraft) — Aerobatics for radio controlled aircraft are basically the same aerobatic maneuvers as those being flown by full scale aircraft but performed in model scale by remote control. Turns, rolls, spins, and stalls are demonstrated in combination for… …   Wikipedia

  • Control reversal — is an adverse effect on the controllability of aircraft. The flight controls reverse themselves in a way that is not intuitive, so pilots may not be aware of the situation and therefore provide the wrong inputs; in order to roll to the left, for… …   Wikipedia

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