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  • 161 yüzey aktif madde

    surface-active agent, surfactant, tenside

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  • 162 yüzeyetkin özdek

    surface active agent

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  • 163 yıkama maddesi

    washing agent

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  • 164 ıslatma maddesi

    wetting agent

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  • 165 ıslatıcı

    "wetting; wetting agent"

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  • 166 şarj maddesi

    weighting agent

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  • 167 acente

    1. (a) mercantile agency, agency: sigorta acentesi insurance agency. seyahat acentesi travel agency. 2. mercantile agent, agent, factor, broker, head of a mercantile agency.

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  • 168 acentelik

    1. law agency, the relationship between a principal and an agent. 2. agency, the business of an agent.

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  • 169 adam

    "1. man. 2. human being. 3. person, individual. 4. a good person. 5. employee; servant; retainer; helper. 6. agent, representative. 7. follower, supporter, man. 8. one, a person. 9. prov. husband, man. Adamım! colloq. My friend! - adama defans sports man-to-man defense. - adama savunma sports man-to-man defense. - almamak (for streets) to be very crowded with people, be teeming with people. - azmanı enormously large person. - başına apiece, each, for each person. - beğenmemek to be overcritical of people. - boyu the height of a man. -ını bulmak /ın/ to find the right person to do (a job). -a çevirmek /ı/ to put (something) in good repair, put (something) in good shape. - değilim! colloq. I´ll be damned. -a dönmek/benzemek to look presentable; to look like somebody; to look like something. -ına düşmek (for a job) to come the way of someone who is really suited to do it. - etmek /ı/ 1. to be the making of (someone); to mature, make a man/a woman of. 2. to put (something) in good repair, rejuvenate. 3. to set (a place, an organization) to rights, put (a place, an organization) on its feet; to make (a place, an organization) into something, make (a place, an organization) thrive. - evladı a person of good family and upbringing. - gibi 1. properly, suitably, in the right way. 2. worthy, genuine, real. -ına göre (adapting one´s approach) to suit the individual. - içine çıkmak/karışmak to mix with people. - istemek (for a project, for someone) to require a good man, need a person who´s really worth his salt. - kaldırmak to kidnap someone, abduct someone. - kıtlığı/yokluğu shortage of qualified and capable people. - kullanmak 1. to know how to use someone for one´s own benefit. 2. to know how to get someone to work, know how to get work out of someone, know how to work someone. - olmak 1. to grow up and become a responsible member of society. 2. (for something in disrepair) to be given a new lease on life, be put in good repair. -ı olmak /ın/ 1. to be very good at, be highly skilled in (a job). 2. to be the right person for (a job). 3. to be (someone´s) man, be one of (someone´s) men, be in the employ of; to be a retainer of. 4. to be someone whom one can rely on, be someone whom one can trust. - öldürmek to murder someone, commit murder. - sağmak to trick a man out of his money, milk people. -/insan sarrafı a good judge of people. -dan saymamak /ı/ see - yerine koymamak. - seçmek to show favor, play favorites, not to give a fair chance to everyone. - sen de! colloq. Don´t worry./Take it easy!/Never mind. - sırasına geçmek/girmek to win a place of respect and responsibility. - vurmak to commit murder. - yerine koymamak /ı/ to think (someone) to be beneath consideration, consider (someone) to be of no importance. "

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  • 170 ajan

    1. secret agent, spy. 2. agent, representative.

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  • 171 ajanlık

    1. being an agent, being a representative. 2. being a secret agent, being a spy.

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  • 172 alet

    ,-ti 1. tool, implement, instrument, device. 2. apparatus, machine. 3. instrument, means, agent. 4. anat. organ. - edevat tools, implements. - etmek /ı/ to use (a person), make a tool of. - olmak /a/ to be an instrument (to), lend oneself (to), act as a stooge (for).

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  • 173 ambarcı

    1. storekeeper, warehouse official. 2. trucker, express agent.

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  • 174 amil

    factor, agent, motive, reason, cause.

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  • 175 asil

    1. noble, aristocratic. 2. honorable, praise-worthy, noble (action). 3. definitively appointed, permanent (official). 4. performing the duties of an office by right and not as a substitute. 5. law principal (as distinguished from an agent).

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  • 176 depilatif

    1. depilatory (agent). 2. (a) depilatory.

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  • 177 distribütör

    1. mech. distributor. 2. distributor, distributing agent.

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  • 178 emlakçi

    real estate agent.

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  • 179 etken

    1. factor, agent. 2. chem. active. 3. effective. 4. gram. active. - eylem gram. active verb.

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  • 180 etmen

    factor, agent.

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