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address sort

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  • Sort code — A sort code is a number which is assigned to a branch of a bank for internal purposes. Banks use sort codes as it is easier than writing the full address of the branch out and it tells customers which branch they are at. Also, the sort code(s)… …   Wikipedia

  • Sort Merge Generator — The Sort Merge Generator was an application developed by Betty Holberton in 1951 for the Univac I and is one of the first examples of using a computer to create a computer program. The input to the application was a specification of files and the …   Wikipedia

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  • E-mail address — An e mail address identifies a location to which e mail messages can be delivered. An e mail address on the modern Internet looks like, for example, jsmith@example.com and is usually read as jsmith at example dot com . Many earlier e mail systems …   Wikipedia

  • Memory address — A digital computer s memory, more specifically main memory, consists of many memory locations, each having a memory address, a number, analogous to a street address, at which computer programs store (except when the address is in mask ROM) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Bounce Address Tag Validation — In computing, Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) is the name of a method, defined in an Internet Draft, for determining whether the bounce address specified in an E mail messageis valid. It is designed to reject backscatter, that is, bounce… …   Wikipedia

  • Postcode Address File — The Postcode Address File (PAF) is a data file available from Royal Mail.Every house and business in the United Kingdom has been given a postal address by Royal Mail. This address is used as a routing instruction by Royal Mail staff to sort and… …   Wikipedia

  • CAR-RT SORT — is a United States Postal Service marking appearing above the sendee s address on traditional junk mail such as store circulars, coupon books, and other bound printed matter (BPD). Advertisers receive a significant postage discount in return for… …   Wikipedia

  • Suite (address) — A suite is the location of a business within a shopping mall or office building. The suite s number also serves as a sort of address within an address for purposes of mail delivery and pickup. Suite is written in short hand for postal addresses,… …   Wikipedia

  • Ulysses S. Grant: First Inaugural Address — ▪ Primary Source       Thursday, March 4, 1869       Your suffrages having elected me to the office of President of the United States, I have, in conformity to the Constitution of our country, taken the oath of office prescribed therein. I have… …   Universalium

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