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activity types

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  • Activity recognition — aims to recognize the actions and goals of one or more agents from a series of observations on the agents actions and the environmental conditions. Since the 1980s, this research field has captured the attention of several computer science… …   Wikipedia

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  • activity model — A graphical representation of a USPS business process that exhibits the activities that make up the postal business process to any desired level of detail. An activity model reveals the interactions between postal activities in terms of inputs… …   Glossary of postal terms

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  • Activity-Based Management - ABM — A procedure that originated in the 1980s for analyzing the processes of a business to identify strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, activity based management seeks out areas where a business is losing money so that those activities can be… …   Investment dictionary

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  • Outdoor Activity Club — Outdoor Activity Club, sometimes known as Outdoor Adventure Club, (abbreviation: ODAC ) is a Co curricular activity (CCA) in some junior colleges and universities in Singapore and Applewood Heights Secondary School . People gather to go for camps …   Wikipedia


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