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  • acropachyderma — SYN: pachydermoperiostosis. [acro + G. pachys, thick, + derma, skin] * * * ac·ro·pachy·der·ma (ak″ro pak″ĭ durґmə) [acro + pachy + derma] thickening of the skin of the limbs, as seen in acromegaly and pachydermoperiostitis …   Medical dictionary

  • acropachyderma with pachyperiostitis — pachydermoperiostosis …   Medical dictionary

  • pachydermoperiostosis — A syndrome of clubbing of the digits, periosteal new bone formation, especially over the distal ends of the long bones (idiopathic hypertrophic osteoarthropathy), and coarsening of the facial features with thickening, furrowing, and oiliness of… …   Medical dictionary