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accumulated flights

  • 1 accumulated flights

    Авиасловарь > accumulated flights

  • 2 flight

    1. полет; рейс/ летный; полетный; рейсовый
    2. отряд; звено <ЛА>
    см. тж. flight
    flights per month
    1-g flight
    4-D flight
    accelerated flight
    acceptance flight
    accident flight
    accumulated flights
    aerobatic flight
    afterburning flight
    agile flight
    air taxi flight
    air-breathing flight
    air-refueled flight
    airplane-mode flight
    all-attitude flight
    all-inertial flight
    altimeter flight
    altimeter-controlled flight
    animal flight
    area familiarization flight
    automatic flight
    avionics evaluation flight
    axial flight
    balanced flight
    best-range flight
    boomless flight
    buffet flight
    certificate of airworthiness flight
    check flight
    climbing flight
    combat flight
    connecting flight
    constant airspeed-constant lift coefficient flight
    constant altitude-constant airspeed flight
    constant altitude-constant lift coefficient flight
    constant altitude flight
    controllable flight
    controlled flight into terrain
    coordinated flight
    cross-controlled flight
    cruise-climb flight
    curvilinear flight
    data-recording flight
    delivery flight
    departed flight
    departure-resistant flight
    descending flight
    disturbed flight
    domestic flight
    east-west flight
    edgewise flight
    envelope clearance flight
    envelope expansion flight
    equilibrium flight
    evaluation flight
    exercise flight
    experimental flight
    ferry flight
    fixed-rotor flight
    fixed-wing flight
    flawless flight
    forward flight
    free flight
    free-hovering flight
    full-wingborne flight
    full-scale flight
    full-throttle flight
    functional flight
    gliding flight
    ground-air-ground flight
    hard altitude-hard airspeed flight
    high-angle flight
    high-angle-of-attack flight
    high-AOA flight
    high-g flight
    high-low-high flight
    high-speed flight
    high-subsonic flight
    homeward flight
    horizontal flight
    hovering flight
    hub flight
    HUD flight
    human-powered flight
    IFR flight
    inertial flight
    inertially guided flight
    instrument flight rules flight
    inverted flight
    jet-borne flight
    large-angle maneuvering flight
    level flight
    long-endurance flight
    long-haul flight
    long-range flight
    low-level flight
    maiden flight
    maneuvering flight
    manned flight
    manual flight
    manually controlled flight
    maximum continuous flight
    maximum turning rate flight
    maximum endurance flight
    mean flights between maintenance actions
    microburst wind-shear sampling flight
    midcourse flight
    minimum time flight
    minimum turning radius flight
    mishap flight
    moderate supersonic flight
    most-economical flight
    nap-of-the-earth flight
    nearly-horizontal flight
    no-radar flight
    nonlevel flight
    nonmaneuver flight
    nonmaneuvering flight
    nonscheduled flight
    nonturning flight
    on-line flight
    one-g flight
    one-stop flight
    OOC flight
    open-loop flight
    operational flight
    orientation flight
    out-of-control flight
    outward flight
    over-ocean flight
    parabolic flight
    post-maintenance check flight
    post-stall flight
    power-off flight
    pre-delivery flight
    quasi-steady-state flight
    radar flight
    rearward flight
    rectilinear flight
    revenue flight
    rocket-borne flight
    rotary-wing flight
    rotational flight
    route-proving flight
    semiballistic flight
    shakedown flight
    short-range flight
    shuttle flight
    sideways flight
    sightseeing flight
    simulated terrain following flight
    slow flight
    smooth flight
    spin flight
    spinning flight
    stable flight
    stall flight
    stalled flight
    steady flight
    steady-state flight
    stepped-altitude flight
    stopped rotor flight
    store certification flight
    straight flight
    straight-line flight
    super-stalled flight
    supernormal flight
    supersonic flight
    sustained flight
    symmetric flight
    tail-rotorless flight
    terminal maneuvering area flight
    terrain flight
    terrain-avoidance flight
    terrain-following flight
    tethered flight
    TF/TA flight
    to depart from controlled flight
    training flight
    transition flight
    trimmed flight
    turning flight
    two-dimensional flight
    ultrahigh-altitude flight
    up-and-away flight
    unaccelerated flight
    uncoordinated flight
    unpowered flight
    unyawed flight
    vertebrate flight
    vertical flight
    vertical-plane flight
    VFR flight
    VIP flight
    visual flight
    visual flight rules flight
    voiсe-controlled flight
    VSTOL flight
    water-bombing flight
    west bound flight
    wingborne flight
    wings-level flight
    world-wide flight
    yawed flight

    Авиасловарь > flight

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