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  • 1 a.m.

    adv abbr
    = ante meridiem przed południem
    * * *
    [,ei 'em]
    (also A.M.) (abbreviation)
    (in the morning (before midday): at 10 am; at 1.00 am (= one hour after midnight; one o' clock in the morning).) przed południem

    English-Polish dictionary > a.m.

  • 2 ABC

    n abbr
    = American Broadcasting Company
    * * *
    1) (the alphabet: The child has not learnt his ABC.) alfabet
    2) (the simplest and most basic knowledge: the ABC of engineering.) podstawy, początki

    English-Polish dictionary > ABC

  • 3 ace

    n abbr
    = American Council on Education
    * * *
    1) (the one in playing-cards: the ace of spades.) as
    2) (a person who is expert at anything: He's an ace with a rifle.) mistrz, as
    3) (a serve in tennis in which the ball is not touched by the opposing player.) as serwisowy
    4) (the ``one'' on dominoes or dice.)

    English-Polish dictionary > ace

  • 4 act

    n abbr
    * * *
    [ækt] 1. verb
    1) (to do something: It's time the government acted to lower taxes.) działać
    2) (to behave: He acted foolishly at the meeting.) zachowywać się
    3) (to perform (a part) in a play: He has acted (the part of Romeo) in many theatres; I thought he was dying, but he was only acting (= pretending).) grać, występować
    2. noun
    1) (something done: Running away is an act of cowardice; He committed many cruel acts.) akt, wyczyn
    2) ((often with capital) a law: Acts of Parliament.) akt
    3) (a section of a play: `Hamlet' has five acts.) akt, prawo, ustawa
    4) (an entertainment: an act called `The Smith Family'.) występ sceniczny, numer
    - actor
    - act as
    - act on
    - act on behalf of / act for
    - in the act of
    - in the act
    - put on an act

    English-Polish dictionary > act

  • 5 AD

    1. adv abbr
    = Anno Domini ( in contrast to BC) n.e.; ( in religious texts etc) A.D., R.P. (= roku Pańskiego)
    2. n abbr, see active duty (US)
    ( MIL)
    * * *
    [,ei 'di:]
    ( abbreviation from Latin) (anno domini; (used in dates to mean after the birth of Jesus Christ; also used by non-Christians): in 630 AD; in the seventh century AD.) n.e.

    English-Polish dictionary > AD

  • 6 ad

    1. adv abbr
    = Anno Domini ( in contrast to BC) n.e.; ( in religious texts etc) A.D., R.P. (= roku Pańskiego)
    2. n abbr, see active duty (US)
    ( MIL)
    * * *
    (short for advertisement: I'll put an ad in the newspaper.)

    English-Polish dictionary > ad

  • 7 advert

    n abbr, see advertisement ( BRIT)
    * * *
    (short for advertisement: I saw your advert in yesterday's newspaper.)

    English-Polish dictionary > advert

  • 8 aid

    n abbr
    = artificial insemination by donor sztuczne zapłodnienie nt nasieniem dawcy; (US, = Agency for International Development)
    * * *
    [eid] 1. noun
    (help: Rich countries give aid to developing countries; The teacher uses visual aids; He came to my aid when my car broke down.) pomoc
    2. verb
    (to help: I was aided in my search by the library staff.) pomagać

    English-Polish dictionary > aid

  • 9 AIDS

    n abbr
    = acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS m inv
    * * *
    ( abbreviation) (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; a disease that affects the immune system: He had a blood test to see if he had AIDS.) AIDS

    English-Polish dictionary > AIDS

  • 10 am

    = amplitude modulation AM
    * * *

    English-Polish dictionary > am

  • 11 ammo

    n abbr, see ammunition ( inf)
    * * *
    (short for ammunition.)

    English-Polish dictionary > ammo

  • 12 apex

    n abbr ( AVIAT, RAIL)
    = advance passenger excursion APEX m inv
    * * *
    (the highest point or tip (of something): the apex of a triangle; the apex of a person's career.) wierzchołek, szczyt

    English-Polish dictionary > apex

  • 13 Apr

    n abbr
    = annual percentage rate oprocentowanie nt w skali roku
    * * *

    English-Polish dictionary > Apr

  • 14 apt

    ( BRIT) n abbr
    = advanced passenger train szybki pociąg pasażerski
    * * *
    1) ((with to) likely: He is apt to get angry if you ask a lot of questions.) skory, skłonny
    2) (suitable: an apt remark.) trafny
    3) (clever; quick to learn: an apt student.) zdolny
    - aptness

    English-Polish dictionary > apt

  • 15 arc

    n abbr
    = American Red Cross ≈ PCK nt inv
    * * *
    (a part of the line which forms a circle or other curve.) łuk

    English-Polish dictionary > arc

  • 16 as

    1. (US) n abbr
    = Associate in/of Science stopień naukowy
    2. abbr
    * * *
    [æz] 1. conjunction
    1) (when; while: I met John as I was coming home; We'll be able to talk as we go.) jak, kiedy
    2) (because: As I am leaving tomorrow, I've bought you a present.) ponieważ
    3) (in the same way that: If you are not sure how to behave, do as I do.) tak jak
    4) (used to introduce a statement of what the speaker knows or believes to be the case: As you know, I'll be leaving tomorrow.) jak
    5) (though: Old as I am, I can still fight; Much as I want to, I cannot go.) chociaż
    6) (used to refer to something which has already been stated and apply it to another person: Tom is English, as are Dick and Harry.) tak/podobnie jak
    2. adverb
    (used in comparisons, eg the first as in the following example: The bread was as hard as a brick.) tak
    3. preposition
    1) (used in comparisons, eg the second as in the following example: The bread was as hard as a brick.) jak
    2) (like: He was dressed as a woman.) jak
    3) (with certain verbs eg regard, treat, describe, accept: I am regarded by some people as a bit of a fool; He treats the children as adults.) za, jak(o)
    4) (in the position of: He is greatly respected both as a person and as a politician.) jako
    - as if / as though
    - as to

    English-Polish dictionary > as

  • 17 ash

    n abbr ( BRIT)
    = Action on Smoking and Health stowarzyszenie antynikotynowe
    * * *
    (the dust etc that remains after anything is burnt: cigarette ash; the ashes of the bonfire.) popiół
    - ashes
    - ashtray

    English-Polish dictionary > ash

  • 18 ATM

    = Automated Telling Machine bankomat m
    * * *
    [,ei ti: 'em]
    ((American) (abbreviation) Automated Teller Machine; a machine, usually outside a bank, from which people can get money with their credit cards or bank cards.) bankomat

    English-Polish dictionary > ATM

  • 19 ATV

    n abbr
    = all terrain vehicle pojazd m terenowy
    * * *
    [,ei ti: ɡvi:]
    (see all-terrain vehicle.)

    English-Polish dictionary > ATV

  • 20 BA

    n abbr
    = Bachelor of Arts stopień naukowy; = British Academy
    * * *
    ( abbreviation) (Bachelor of Arts; a first university degree in arts, literature etc (but not in the exact sciences).) licencjat z dziedziny nauk humanistycznych

    English-Polish dictionary > BA

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