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a verbal agreement

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  • verbal agreement — oral agreement, agreement made without any written documentation …   English contemporary dictionary

  • agreement — a‧gree‧ment [əˈgriːmənt] noun [countable] 1. an arrangement or promise to do something, made by two or more people or organizations: • Under the agreement, the company will distribute our products in North America. • What happens if the warring… …   Financial and business terms

  • verbal — verb‧al [ˈvɜːbl ǁ ˈvɜːr ] adjective a verbal contract, agreement etc is one that is spoken rather than written: • The bank manager gave verbal assurances of the security of the investments. * * * verbal UK US /ˈvɜːbəl/ adjective ► spoken rather… …   Financial and business terms

  • verbal — has four meanings, all close enough to cause possible confusion: (1) ‘having the nature of a verb’ (verbal noun), (2) involving words rather than actual things • (Opposition between these two modes of speaking is rather verbal than real B. Jowett …   Modern English usage

  • verbal — verbally, adv. /verr beuhl/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to words: verbal ability. 2. consisting of or in the form of words: verbal imagery. 3. expressed in spoken words; oral rather than written: verbal communication; verbal agreement. 4.… …   Universalium

  • verbal — Strictly, of or pertaining to words; expressed in words, whether spoken or written, but commonly in spoken words; hence, by confusion, spoken; oral. Parol; by word of mouth; as, verbal agreement, verbal evidence; or written, but not signed, or… …   Black's law dictionary

  • verbal — 01. We didn t sign any contracts, but we had a [verbal] agreement. 02. I don t like the way he talks to his children; in fact, I think he is [verbally] abusive. 03. Your child s [verbal] skills are somewhat weak, but it is nothing to worry about …   Grammatical examples in English

  • verbal — [[t]vɜ͟ː(r)b(ə)l[/t]] 1) ADJ: usu ADJ n You use verbal to indicate that something is expressed in speech rather than in writing or action. They were jostled and subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse... We have a verbal agreement with her... The… …   English dictionary

  • verbal — I UK [ˈvɜː(r)b(ə)l] / US [ˈvɜrb(ə)l] adjective * 1) using words, or relating to words Verbal ability is dominant in the left side of the brain. a) using words, not physical force Make sure the discussion remains purely verbal. verbal abuse (=… …   English dictionary

  • verbal — ver•bal [[t]ˈvɜr bəl[/t]] adj. 1) of or consisting of words: verbal ability[/ex] 2) use spoken rather than written; oral: verbal communication[/ex] 3) concerned with words only, rather than with the ideas, facts, or realities expressed: a purely… …   From formal English to slang

  • verbal — ver|bal1 [ vɜrbl ] adjective * 1. ) using words or relating to words: Verbal ability is dominant in the left side of the brain. a ) using words, not physical force: Make sure the discussion remains purely verbal. verbal abuse (=rude or offensive… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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