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a two-door car

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  • two-door coupe — Also called the two door club coupe, the club coupe designation seems to come from club car, describing the lounge (or parlor car) in a railroad train. The early postwar club coupe combined a shorter than sedan body structure with the convenience …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-door fastback — By definition, a fastback is any automobile with a long, moderately curving, downward slope to the rear of the roof. This body style relates to an interest in streamlining and aerodynamics and has gone in and out of fashion at various times. Some …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-door hatchback coupe — Originally a small opening in the deck of a sailing ship, the term hatch was later applied to airplane doors and to passenger cars with rear liftgates. Various models appeared in the early 1950s, but weather tightness was a problem. The concept… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-door station wagon — Originally defined as a car with an enclosed wooden body of paneled design (with several rows of folding or removable seats behind the driver), the station wagon became a different and much more popular type of vehicle in the postwar years. A… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-door sedan — The term sedan originally described a conveyance seen only in movies today: a wheelless vehicle for one person, borne on poles by two men, one ahead and one behind. Automakers pirated the word and applied it to cars with a permanent top, seating… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-door hardtop — The term hardtop, as used for postwar cars up to the mid 1970s, describes an automobile styled to resemble a convertible, but with a rigid metal (or fiberglass) top. In a production sense, this body style evolved after World War II, first called… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • two-plus-two — (2+2) A two door car with seating for the driver and a front passenger and only two people in the rear. It differs from a regular two seater in that generally three people could sit in the rear seat and possibly three in the front. Usually the… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Car body style — articleissues unreferenced = November 2007 original research = November 2007 Cars can come in a large variety of different body styles. Some are still in production, while others are of historical interest only. These styles are largely (though… …   Wikipedia

  • Car model — SRi redirects here. For other uses, see SRI (disambiguation). For scale models of automobiles, see Model car. Typical pillar configurations of a sedan (three box), station wagon (two box) and hatchback (two box) from the same model range, here… …   Wikipedia

  • Car audio — Car audio/video (car AV), auto radio, mobile audio, 12 volt and other terms are used to describe the sound or video system fitted in an automobile. While 12 volt audio and video systems are also used, marketed, or manufactured for marine,… …   Wikipedia

  • Two and a Half Men (season 2) — Two and a Half Men Season 2 DVD cover art Country of origin United States …   Wikipedia


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