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a situation of extreme poverty

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  • Poverty in China — refers to people whose income is less than a poverty line of $1 per day (PPP) set by the World Bank benchmark (see Measuring poverty). Poverty has affected all aspects of the nation’s life, including the environment, health, education, housing,… …   Wikipedia

  • Poverty and Pauperism — • Persons whose existence is dependent for any considerable period upon charitable assistance, whether this assistance be public or private. Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Poverty and Pauperism     Poverty and Paup …   Catholic encyclopedia

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  • extreme — [[t]ɪkstri͟ːm[/t]] ♦♦♦ extremes 1) ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n Extreme means very great in degree or intensity. The girls were afraid of snakes and picked their way along with extreme caution. ...people living in extreme poverty. ...the author s… …   English dictionary

  • extreme — ex|treme1 W3S3 [ıkˈstri:m] adj [Date: 1400 1500; : French; Origin: extrême, from Latin extremus most outward , from exter; EXTERNAL] 1.) [only before noun] very great in degree ▪ Extreme poverty still exists in many rural areas. extreme… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Poverty in France — has fallen by 60% over thirty years. Although it affected 15% of the population in 1970, in 2001 only 6.1% (or 3.7 million people) were below the poverty line (which, according to INSEE s criteria, is half of the median income).Before, the poor… …   Wikipedia

  • Extrême-pauvreté — Pauvreté La banderole Make Poverty History devant le siège du Trades Union Congress, à Londres. La pauvreté est l insuffisance de ressources matérielles, comme la nourriture, l’accès à l’eau potable, les vêtements, le logement, et des conditions… …   Wikipédia en Français

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