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Vector bundle

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  • Vector bundle — The Möbius strip is a line bundle over the 1 sphere S1. Locally around every point in S1, it looks like U × R, but the total bundle is different from S1 × R (which is a cylinder instead). In mathematics, a vector bundle is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Connection (vector bundle) — This article is about connections on vector bundles. See connection (mathematics) for other types of connections in mathematics. In mathematics, a connection on a fiber bundle is a device that defines a notion of parallel transport on the bundle; …   Wikipedia

  • Stable vector bundle — In mathematics, a stable vector bundle is a vector bundle that is stable in the sense of geometric invariant theory. They were defined by harvtxt|Mumford|1963table vector bundles over curvesA bundle W over an algebraic curve (or over a Riemann… …   Wikipedia

  • Metric (vector bundle) — In differential geometry, the notion of a metric tensor can be extended to an arbitrary vector bundle. Specifically, if M is a topological manifold and E → M a vector bundle on M, then a metric (sometimes called a bundle metric, or fibre metric)… …   Wikipedia

  • Holomorphic vector bundle — In mathematics, a holomorphic vector bundle is a complex vector bundle over a complex manifold X such that the total space E is complex manifold and the projection map pi:E o X is holomorphic.Specifically, one requires that the trivialization… …   Wikipedia

  • Algebraic vector bundle — In mathematics, an algebraic vector bundle is a vector bundle for which all the transition maps are algebraic functions. All SU(2) instantons over the sphere S^4 are algebraic vector bundles …   Wikipedia

  • Vector space — This article is about linear (vector) spaces. For the structure in incidence geometry, see Linear space (geometry). Vector addition and scalar multiplication: a vector v (blue) is added to another vector w (red, upper illustration). Below, w is… …   Wikipedia

  • Vector-valued differential form — In mathematics, a vector valued differential form on a manifold M is a differential form on M with values in a vector space V . More generally, it is a differential form with values in some vector bundle E over M . Ordinary differential forms can …   Wikipedia

  • Bundle map — In mathematics, a bundle map (or bundle morphism) is a morphism in the category of fiber bundles. There are two distinct, but closely related, notions of bundle map, depending on whether the fiber bundles in question have a common base space.… …   Wikipedia

  • Vector bundles on algebraic curves — In mathematics, vector bundles on algebraic curves may be studied as holomorphic vector bundles on compact Riemann surfaces. which is the classical approach, or as locally free sheaves on algebraic curves C in a more general, algebraic setting… …   Wikipedia

  • Bundle (mathematics) — In mathematics, a bundle is a generalization of a fiber bundle dropping the condition of a local product structure. The requirement of a local product structure rests on the bundle having a topology. Without this requirement, more general objects …   Wikipedia