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  • 1 Urge

    v. trans.
    Persuade: P. and V. πείθειν, ναπείθειν (Eur., Hel. 825), V. ἐκπείθειν.
    Induce: P. and V. προτρέπειν (or mid.), ἐπγειν, προγειν, ἐπαίρειν, P. ἐπισπᾶν.
    Incite: P. and V. ὁρμᾶν, ἐξορμᾶν, ἐπικελεύειν, ἐγκελεύειν, ἐποτρνειν (Thuc.), ἐξοτρνειν (Thuc.), P. ἐνάγειν, V. ὀτρνειν, ἐπισείειν, ὀρνύναι, ἐπεγκελεύειν (Eur., Cycl.); see also Rouse, Advise.
    Protest in argument: P. ἰσχυρίζεσθαι, διισχυρίζεσθαι, διαμάχεσθαι.
    Hurry on: P. and V. ἐπείγειν, σπεύδειν, ἐπισπεύδειν, P. κατεπείγειν, V. ἐπισπέρχειν (rare P.).
    They sought to urge on the war: P. ἐνῆγον πόλεμον (Thuc. 1, 67).
    Urge against: V. ἐπορνύναι (τινά τινι) (Eur., Cycl. 12).
    Urge as an excuse: P. and V. σκήπτειν (mid. in P.), προβάλλειν (mid. also in P.), προὔχεσθαι, προΐστασθαι (Eur., Cycl. 319), P. προφασίζεσθαι, προΐσχεσθαι, V. προτείνειν.
    On just grounds, I urge this plea: V. τῷ μὲν δικαίῳ τόνδʼ ἁμιλλῶμαι λόγον (Eur., Hec. 271).
    Urge a claim: P. δικαίωσιν προφέρειν (Thuc. 5, 17).

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Urge

  • 2 urge

    [ə:‹] 1. verb
    1) (to try to persuade or request earnestly (someone to do something): He urged her to drive carefully; `Come with me,' he urged.) πιέζω, παροτρύνω, παρακινώ
    2) (to try to convince a person of (eg the importance of, or necessity for, some action): He urged (on them) the necessity for speed.) συνιστώ επίμονα
    2. noun
    (a strong impulse or desire: I felt an urge to hit him.) παρόρμηση, έντονη επιθυμία

    English-Greek dictionary > urge

  • 3 urge on

    (to drive or try to persuade (a person etc) to go on or forwards: He urged himself on in spite of his weariness.) πιέζω να συνεχίζει

    English-Greek dictionary > urge on

  • 4 urge

    1) παρακινώ
    2) παρόρμηση
    3) παροτρύνω

    English-Greek new dictionary > urge

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