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Stochastic oscillator

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  • Stochastic oscillator — The stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis, introduced by George Lane in the 1950s, to compare the closing price of a commodity to its price range over a given time span.This indicator is usually calculated… …   Wikipedia

  • Stochastic Oscillator — A technical momentum indicator that compares a security s closing price to its price range over a given time period. The oscillator s sensitivity to market movements can be reduced by adjusting the time period or by taking a moving average of the …   Investment dictionary

  • Stochastic — (from the Greek Στόχος for aim or guess ) means random.A stochastic process is one whose behavior is non deterministic in that a state s next state is determined both by the process s predictable actions and by a random element. Stochastic crafts …   Wikipedia

  • Stochastic — Стохастический индикатор (англ. stochastic oscillator) индикатор технического анализа, который показывает положение текущей цены относительно диапазона цен за определенный период в прошлом. Стохастика измеряется в процентах; значение выше 80%… …   Википедия

  • Oscillator (technical analysis) — An oscillator is a technical analysis indicator that varies over time within a band (above and below a center line, or between set levels). Oscillators are used to discover short term overbought or oversold conditions. Common oscillators are MACD …   Wikipedia

  • Oscillator — A technical analysis tool that is banded between two extreme values and built with the results from a trend indicator for discovering short term overbought or oversold conditions. As the value of the oscillator approaches the upper extreme value… …   Investment dictionary

  • Oscillator linewidth — The concept of a linewidth is borrowed from laser spectroscopy. The linewidth of a laser is a measure of its phase noise. The spectrogram of a laser is produced by passing its light through a prism. The spectrogram of the output of a pure noise… …   Wikipedia

  • Stochastic electrodynamics — In theoretical physics, Stochastic electrodynamics (SED) refers to a theory which posits that the interaction of elementary particles with the vacuum radiation field, or zero point field, is ultimately responsible for various familiar quantum… …   Wikipedia

  • OSCILLATOR — Линии Momentum, RSI, Stochastic, которые колеблются около нулевой линии (или от 0 и 100%). Oscillator может помочь измерить уровни overbought/oversold, показать отрицательный и положительный divergence и может быть использован, чтобы измерить… …   Малая энциклопедия трейдера: глоссарий к книге

  • McClellan oscillator — The McClellan oscillator is a market breadth indicator used by financial analysts of the New York Stock Exchange to evaluate the rate of money entering or leaving the market and interpretively indicate overbought or oversold conditions of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Chande Momentum Oscillator — A technical momentum indicator invented by the technical analyst Tushar Chande. It is created by calculating the difference between the sum of all recent gains and the sum of all recent losses and then dividing the result by the sum of all price… …   Investment dictionary