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Stick fighting

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  • Stick fighting — is a generic term for martial arts which utilize simple long slender, blunt, hand held, generally wooden sticks for fighting such as a staff, cane, walking stick, baton or similar. Some techniques can also be used with a sturdy umbrella or even a …   Wikipedia

  • Kalarippayattu stick fighting — Stick fighting as practiced in Kalarippayattu: Kurunthadi (also spelled cheruvadi, kuruvadi) or muchan is the name for a wooden stick. It derived its name from its length of three chans. Its length is equal to two and half feet (76 cm). It… …   Wikipedia

  • Nguni stick fighting — Also known as Zulu Stick Fighting Focus Weaponry Country of origin South Africa Creator Various Famous practitioners Shaka Zulu Olympic sport …   Wikipedia

  • Mani stick fighting — is an African derived martial art from Cuba. In 18th century Cuba, Spanish slave owners watched slaves fight to the death using Mani.[citation needed] At the same time, slaves in Cuba used this martial art in revolts. Mani consists of head butts …   Wikipedia

  • Fighting in ice hockey — Fighting is an established aspect of ice hockey in North America, with a long history involving many levels of amateur and professional play and including some notable individual fights.Harvnb|Bernstein|2006|p=3] Although a definite source of… …   Wikipedia

  • Stick (comics) — Supersupportingbox| caption= comic color=background:#ff8080 character name=Stick publisher=Marvel Comics debut=Daredevil (vol. 1) #176 (November 1981). creators=Frank Miller full name=Unknown status=missing supports=Daredevil relatives=Unknown… …   Wikipedia

  • stick — Synonyms and related words: abide, abide with, abrade, acid, acuminate, addle, adhere, adhere to, advocate, affix, agglomerate, all, alpenstock, altogether, amalgamate, amaze, antidepressant, arm, articulate, assert, ataractic, athletic supporter …   Moby Thesaurus

  • stick — I n 1. branch, limb, stem, bough, spray, switch, twig; shoot, sprout, runner, tendril, scion. 2. kindling, fagot, tinder; firewood, brush, brushwood, driftwood. 3. rod, wand, baton, staff, pike, pole; scepter, crosier, crook, standard, caduceus;… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Stick Arena — Infobox VG title = Stick Arena developer = XGen Studios, Inc. publisher = XGen Studios, Inc. designer = Skye J.W. Boyes engine = Flash version = 1.313 released = November 5, 2005 genre = Fighting modes = Multiplayer ratings = ESRB: Teen (13+)… …   Wikipedia

  • Fighting Sullivans — Die Sullivan Brüder auf der Juneau Die Sullivan Brüder (auch die Fighting Sullivans genannt) dienten während des Zweiten Weltkriegs an Bord des Kreuzers USS Juneau. Alle fünf starben am 13. November 1942 bei dessen Versenkung vor Guadalcanal. Als …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • stick it out — Synonyms and related words: be unflappable, bear up, come up fighting, die hard, get along, get home free, get on, go on, go on with, hang in, hang in there, hang on, hang tough, hold fast, hold on, hold out, hold up, keep at it, keep up, live… …   Moby Thesaurus