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Shops, trades and professions

  • 1 Shops, trades and professions

    In English you can say at the baker’s or at the baker’s shop ; in French the construction with chez (at the house or premises of…) is common but you can also use the name of the particular shop:
    at the baker’s
    = chez le boulanger or à la boulangerie
    I’m going to the grocer’s
    = je vais chez l’épicier or à l’épicerie
    I bought it at the fishmonger’s
    = je l’ai acheté chez le poissonnier or à la poissonnerie
    go to the chemist’s
    = va à la pharmacie or chez le pharmacien
    at or to the hairdresser’s
    = chez le coiffeur/la coiffeuse
    to work in a butcher’s
    = travailler dans une boucherie
    Chez is also used with the names of professions:
    at or to the doctor’s
    = chez le médecin
    at or to the lawyer’s
    = chez le notaire
    at or to the dentist’s
    = chez le dentiste
    Note that there are specific names for the place of work of some professions:
    the lawyer’s office
    = l’étude f du notaire
    the doctor’s surgery (GB) or office (US)
    = le cabinet du médecin
    Cabinet is also used for architects and dentists. If in doubt, check in the dictionary.
    Talking of someone’s profession, we could say he is a dentist. In French this would be either il est dentiste or c’est un dentiste. Only when the sentence begins with c’est, can the indefinite article (un or une) be used.
    Paul is a dentist
    = Paul est dentiste
    she is a dentist
    = elle est dentiste or c’est une dentiste
    she’s a geography teacher
    = elle est professeur de géographie or c’est un professeur de géographie
    With adjectives, only the c’est construction is possible:
    she is a good dentist
    = c’est une bonne dentiste
    In the plural, if the construction begins with ce sont then you need to use des (or de before an adjective):
    they are mechanics
    = ils sont mécaniciens or ce sont des mécaniciens
    they are good mechanics
    = ce sont de bons mécaniciens
    Trades and professions
    what does he do?
    = qu’est-ce qu’il fait?
    what’s your job?
    = qu’est-ce que vous faites dans la vie?
    I’m a teacher
    = je suis professeur
    to work as a dentist
    = travailler comme dentiste
    to work for an electrician
    = travailler pour un électricien
    to be paid as a mechanic
    = être payé comme mécanicien
    he wants to be a baker
    = il veut devenir boulanger

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