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Reactor containment

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  • Reactor containment — См. Защитная оболочка реактора Термины атомной энергетики. Концерн Росэнергоатом, 2010 …   Термины атомной энергетики

  • Containment (disambiguation) — Containment may refer to: Containment, a foreign policy used by the United States during the Cold War Containment building, a structure that encloses a nuclear reactor Containment, a measure of prevention of a fire spreading, in firefighting,… …   Wikipedia

  • containment building — noun A structure enclosing a nuclear reactor, designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures and to contain the escape of radiation • • • Main Entry: ↑contain …   Useful english dictionary

  • Containment building — NRC drawing of containment building. A containment building, in its most common usage, is a steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor. It is designed, in any emergency, to contain the escape of radiation to a maximum… …   Wikipedia

  • Reactor building — A reactor building is a general term for a building that houses a reactor of some type. In particular, it often refers to a building containing a nuclear reactor. This can also be used to refer to pressure sealed buildings containing nuclear… …   Wikipedia

  • Reactor Protective System — A Reactor Protective System (RPS) is a set of nuclear safety components in a nuclear power plant designed to safely shutdown the reactor and prevent the release of radioactive materials. The System can trip automatically (initiating a Scram), or… …   Wikipedia

  • containment — /keuhn tayn meuhnt/, n. 1. the act or condition of containing. 2. an act or policy of restricting the territorial growth or ideological influence of another, esp. a hostile nation. 3. (in a nuclear power plant) an enclosure completely surrounding …   Universalium

  • containment — con•tain•ment [[t]kənˈteɪn mənt[/t]] n. 1) cvb the act or condition of containing 2) gov an act or policy of restricting the territorial growth or ideological influence of a hostile power, esp. a Communist power 3) phs ene an enclosure… …   From formal English to slang

  • nuclear reactor — Physics. reactor (def. 4). Also called nuclear pile. [1940 45] * * * Device that can initiate and control a self sustaining series of nuclear fission reactions. Neutrons released in one fission reaction may strike other heavy nuclei, causing them …   Universalium

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