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Qur'an translations

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  • Qur'an translations — Translations of the Qur an are interpretations of the holy book of Islam in languages other than Arabic. Even though translating the Qur an has been a difficult concept, both theologically and linguistically, Islam s scriptures have been… …   Wikipedia

  • Qur'an reading — is the reading ( tarteel , tajwid , or taghbir ) aloud, reciting, or chanting of portions of the Qur an. It is not considered music by Muslims and when recited the style is structurally dissimilar from music (even secular Arab music). The reciter …   Wikipedia

  • Qur'an — The Qur’an [pronounced qurˈʔaːn ( scripture ). The latter two terms also denote units of revelation. Other related words are: , transliterated as: ArabDIN|bismi llāhi ar raḥmāni ar raḥīmi .] an Arabic phrase meaning ( In the name of God, Most… …   Wikipedia

  • Qurʾān — or Koran Sacred scripture of Islam, regarded by Muslims as the infallible word of God, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The book, first compiled in its authoritative form in the 7th century, consists of 114 chapters (sūrahs) of varying length,… …   Universalium

  • Qur’an — (‘Recitation’)    The Qur’an, or Koran as it is sometimes spelled, is the foundational text of Islam. Muslims believe it is the revealed word of God, disclosed gradually (over a period of twenty two years) to the Prophet Muhammad via the angel… …   Islamic philosophy dictionary

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  • List of Qur'anic names — This is a list of names from the Qur an. All the proper names used in Qur an are listed including names for people, places, angels, etc. Also some other words which has been used as an adjective in the Qur anic context, but could also be used as… …   Wikipedia

  • List of translations of the Qur'an — This is a sub article to Translation of the Qur an.By first printing date600s* Salman the Persian translated Fatiha from Arabic to Persian. [An Nawawi, Al Majmu , (Cairo, Matbacat at Tadamun n.d.), 380. ] 1000s* Persian translation which is… …   Wikipedia

  • Noble Qur'an (Hilali-Khan) — The Noble Qur an, also informally known as the Hilali Khan translation, is a translation of the Qur an by contemporary Afghan Pashtun Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan (Arabic: محمد محسن خان, muḥammad muḥsin khān ) and Dr. Muhammad Taqi ud …   Wikipedia

  • Latin translations of the 12th century — The Renaissance of the 12th century saw a major search by European scholars for new learning, which led them to the Arabic fringes of Europe, especially to Islamic Spain and Sicily. A typical story is that of Gerard of Cremona (c. 1114 87), who… …   Wikipedia

  • The Message of The Qur'an — is a translation (into English) and interpretation of the Qur an by Muhammad Asad, a Polish Jew (born in the city of Lwow, then Poland, now Ukraine) who converted to Islam. The book has since been translated into several other languages. This… …   Wikipedia