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Probabilistically checkable proof

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  • Probabilistically checkable proof — In computational complexity theory, a probabilistically checkable proof (PCP) is a type of proof that can be checked by a randomized algorithm using a bounded amount of randomness and reading a bounded number of bits of the proof. The algorithm… …   Wikipedia

  • probabilistically checkable proof — noun A reasonable proof of a computational theorem or conjecture obtained via a randomized algorithm …   Wiktionary

  • Interactive proof system — In computational complexity theory, an interactive proof system is an abstract machine that models computation as the exchange of messages between two parties. The parties, the verifier and the prover, interact by exchanging messages in order to… …   Wikipedia

  • Clique problem — The brute force algorithm finds a 4 clique in this 7 vertex graph (the complement of the 7 vertex path graph) by systematically checking all C(7,4)=35 4 vertex subgraphs for completeness. In computer science, the clique problem refers to any of… …   Wikipedia

  • NEXPTIME — In computational complexity theory, the complexity class NEXPTIME (sometimes called NEXP) is the set of decision problems that can be solved by a non deterministic Turing machine using time O(2p(n)) for some polynomial p(n), and unlimited space.… …   Wikipedia

  • NP (complexity) — Diagram of complexity classes provided that P ≠ NP. The existence of problems outside both P and NP complete in this case was established by Ladner.[1] In computational complexity theory, NP is one of the most fundamental complexity classes. The… …   Wikipedia

  • PCP (complexity) — In computational complexity theory, PCP is the class of decision problems having probabilistically checkable proof systems. Introduction and definition In complexity theory, a PCP system can be viewed as an interactive proof system in which the… …   Wikipedia

  • P versus NP problem — Unsolved problems in computer science Is P = NP ? …   Wikipedia

  • Madhu Sudan — ( ta. மதுசூதன்) (born September 12, 1966) is an Indian computer scientist, professor of computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a member of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.He was awarded …   Wikipedia

  • Arthur–Merlin protocol — In computational complexity theory, an Arthur–Merlin protocol is an interactive proof system in which the verifier s coin tosses are constrained to be public (i.e. known to the prover too). This notion was introduced by Babai (1985). Goldwasser… …   Wikipedia

  • (SAT, ε-UNSAT) — In computational complexity theory, (SAT, ε UNSAT) is a language that is used in the proof of the PCP theorem, which relates the language NP to probabilistically checkable proof systems.For a given 3 CNF formula, Φ, and a constant, ε < 1, Φ is in …   Wikipedia

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