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Post Hoc Multiple Comparisons

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  • Post-hoc analysis — design and analysis of experiments, refers to looking at the data after the experiment has concluded for patterns that were not specified a priori . It is also known as data dredging to evoke the sense that the more one looks the more likely… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple comparisons — In statistics, the multiple comparisons or multiple testing problem occurs when one considers a set of statistical inferences simultaneously.[1] Errors in inference, including confidence intervals that fail to include their corresponding… …   Wikipedia

  • Friedman test — The Friedman test is a non parametric statistical test developed by the U.S. economist Milton Friedman. Similar to the parametric repeated measures ANOVA, it is used to detect differences in treatments across multiple test attempts. The procedure …   Wikipedia

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  • Analysis of variance — In statistics, analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a collection of statistical models, and their associated procedures, in which the observed variance in a particular variable is partitioned into components attributable to different sources of… …   Wikipedia

  • Newman–Keuls method — In statistics, the Newman–Keuls method (named after D. Newman (1939),[1] and M. Keuls (1952)[2]) is a post hoc test used for comparisons after the performed F test (analysis of variance) is found to be significant. The Newman–Keuls method is very …   Wikipedia

  • Scheffe's Test — A statistical test that is used to make unplanned comparisons, rather than pre planned comparisons, among group means in an analysis of variance (ANOVA) experiment. While Scheffe s test has the advantage of giving the experimenter the flexibility …   Investment dictionary

  • Nemenyi test — In statistics, the Nemenyi test is a post hoc test intended to find the groups of data that differ after a statistical test of multiple comparisons (such as the Friedman test) has rejected the null hypothesis that the performance of the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Type I and type II errors — In statistics, the terms Type I error (also, α error, or false positive) and type II error (β error, or a false negative) are used to describe possible errors made in a statistical decision process. In 1928, Jerzy Neyman (1894 1981) and Egon… …   Wikipedia

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