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  • Odd-Pricing — Beim Odd Pricing werden bewusst gebrochene Preise ausgezeichnet. Hiermit soll der Eindruck günstigerer Preise erzielt werden. z.B. EUR 0,99 EUR 0,69 EUR 19,99 EUR 99,95 Bei einem Preis von 99 Cent greift der Kunde eher zu, EUR 1,01 würde ihn… …   Marketing Lexikon

  • odd-even pricing — /ɒd i:v(ə)n ˌpraɪsɪŋ/ noun the practice of using odd numbers such as 0.95 or 0.99 or even numbers such as 1.00 or 2.50 when pricing, because this seems to be most effective psychologically in persuading customers to buy ● Students can study the… …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • Odd lotter — For other uses, see Odd lot (disambiguation). An odd lotter is an investor who purchases shares or other securities in small or unusual quantities. Stocks are typically traded in increments of 100 shares, a quantity known as a round lot or board… …   Wikipedia

  • odd-even pricing — The pricing of a product so that the price ends in an odd number of pence, which is not far below the next number of pounds. For example, £4. 99 might be used in preference to £5. 00 in order to make the product appear cheaper …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • Psychological pricing — Example of psychological pricing at a gas station Psychological pricing or price ending is a marketing practice based on the theory that certain prices have a psychological impact. The retail prices are often expressed as odd prices : a little… …   Wikipedia

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