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  • 1 Nationalities

    Words like French can also refer to the language (e.g. a French textbook ⇒ Languages) and to the country (e.g. French history ⇒ Countries and continents).
    Note the different use of capital letters in English and French ; adjectives never have capitals in French:
    a French student
    = un étudiant français/une étudiante française
    a French nurse
    = une infirmière française/un infirmier français
    a French tourist
    = un touriste français/une touriste française
    Nouns have capitals in French when they mean a person of a specific nationality:
    a Frenchman
    = un Français
    a Frenchwoman
    = une Française
    French people or the French
    = les Français mpl
    a Chinese man
    = un Chinois
    a Chinese woman
    = une Chinoise
    Chinese people or the Chinese
    = les Chinois mpl
    English sometimes has a special word for a person of a specific nationality ; in French, the same word can almost always be either an adjective (no capitals) or a noun (with capitals):
    = danois
    a Dane
    = un Danois, une Danoise
    the Danes
    = les Danois mpl
    Note the alternatives using either adjective (il/elle est… etc.) or noun (c’est…) in French:
    he is French
    = il est français or c’est un Français
    she is French
    = elle est française or c’est une Française
    they are French
    = ( men or mixed) ils sont français or ce sont des Français ( women) elles sont françaises or ce sont des Françaises
    When the subject is a noun, like the teacher or Paul below, the adjective construction is normally used in French:
    the teacher is French
    = le professeur est français
    Paul is French
    = Paul est français
    Anne is French
    = Anne est française
    Paul and Anne are French
    = Paul et Anne sont français
    Other ways of expressing someone’s nationality or origins are:
    he’s of French extraction
    = il est d’origine française
    she was born in Germany
    = elle est née en Allemagne
    he is a Spanish citizen
    = il est espagnol
    a Belgian national
    = un ressortissant belge
    she comes from Nepal
    = elle vient du Népal

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