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Metal halide lamp

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  • Metal halide lamp — Metal halide lamps, a member of the high intensity discharge (HID) family of lamps, produce high light output for their size, making them a compact, powerful, and efficient light source. Originally created in the late 1960 s for industrial use,… …   Wikipedia

  • Metal-halide lamp — A metal halide gas discharge lighting system provides illumination for a college baseball game at Olsen Field in College Station, Texas, United States. Note the various colors of the lights as they warm up. Metal halide lamps, a member of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Metal halide lamp —   A high intensity discharge lamp type that uses mercury and several halide additives as light producing elements. These lights have the best Color Rendition Index (CRI) of the high intensity discharge lamps. They can be used for commercial… …   Energy terms

  • metal halide lamp — noun A high pressure discharge lamp that is enclosed in a quartz envelope containing metal halides (usually iodides), and produces high efficacy white light. Syn: quartz halogen lamp …   Wiktionary

  • Ceramic discharge metal-halide lamp — The ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamp, mostly referred to as Ceramic Metal Halide lamp (CMH), is a relatively new source of light that is a variation of the old (high pressure) mercury vapour lamp. The discharge is contained in a ceramic… …   Wikipedia

  • Metal halide lamp — Металлогалогенная лампа …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • Ceramic discharge metal halide lamp — Ceramic discharge metal halide lamps are a relatively new source of light that is a variation of the mercury vapor lamp. The discharge is contained in a ceramic tube. During operation, the temperature of this ceramic tube can exceed 1200… …   Wikipedia

  • Lamp (electrical component) — A lamp is a replaceable component such as an incandescent light bulb, which is designed to produce light from electricity. These components usually have a base of ceramic, metal, glass or plastic, which makes an electrical connection in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mercury-vapor lamp — Mercury Lamp redirects here. For the character in the Rozen Maiden anime and manga, see Characters of Rozen Maiden. A 175 watt mercury vapor yard light approximately 15 seconds after starting …   Wikipedia

  • Gas-discharge lamp — See also: Gas filled tube Germicidal lamps are simple low pressure mercury vapor discharges in a fused quartz envelope. Gas discharge lamps are a family of artificial light sources that generate light by sending an electrical discharge through an …   Wikipedia

  • UHP (lamp) — The UHP, or Ultra High Performance, mercury arc lamp was developed by Philips in 1995 for use in commercial projection systems. Unlike other common mercury vapor lamps used in projection systems, it is not a metal halide lamp, but uses only… …   Wikipedia

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