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Indented paragraph

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  • Indented paragraph — Абзац с (абзацным) отступом …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • paragraph — [par′ə graf΄] n. [MFr paragraphe < OFr < ML paragraphus, orig., sign marking separation of parts, as of a chapter < Gr paragraphos < para , beside (see PARA 1) + graphein, to write (see GRAPHIC)] 1. a distinct section or subdivision… …   English World dictionary

  • paragraph — ► NOUN ▪ a distinct section of a piece of writing, beginning on a new line and often indented. ORIGIN French paragraphe, from Greek paragraphos short stroke marking a break in sense …   English terms dictionary

  • Paragraph — A paragraph (from the Greek paragraphos , to write beside or written beside ) is a self contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. The start of a paragraph is indicated by beginning on a new line. Sometimes… …   Wikipedia

  • Indented — Indent In*dent , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Indented}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Indenting}.] [OE. endenten to notch, fit in, OF. endenter, LL. indentare, fr. L. in + dens, dentis, tooth. See {Tooth}, and cf. {Indenture}.] [1913 Webster] 1. To notch; to jag; to …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • paragraph — I. noun Etymology: Middle English paragraf marginal sign marking a paragraph, from Anglo French parogref, from Medieval Latin paragraphus, from Greek paragraphos line used to mark change of persons in a dialogue, from paragraphein to write… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • paragraph — n. & v. n. 1 a distinct section of a piece of writing, beginning on a new usu. indented line. 2 a symbol (usu. X!X!) used to mark a new paragraph, and also as a reference mark. 3 a short item in a newspaper, usu. of only one paragraph. v.tr.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • paragraph — par•a•graph [[t]ˈpær əˌgræf, ˌgrɑf[/t]] n. 1) a distinct portion of written or printed matter dealing with a particular idea, beginning on a new line that is usu. indented 2) paragraph mark 3) a brief article or notice, as in a newspaper 4) to… …   From formal English to slang

  • paragraph — 1. noun /ˈpɛɹəɡɹæf/ A passage in text that is about a different subject from the preceding text, marked by commencing on a new line, the first line sometimes being indented. 2. verb /ˈpɛɹəɡɹæf/ To sort text into paragraphs …   Wiktionary

  • paragraph — par·a·graph || pærÉ™græf / grɑːf n. passage, distinct portion of text (usually begins with an indented line); section, clause v. divide into paragraphs …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hanging paragraph — noun A paragraph in which all lines other than the first are indented …   Wiktionary

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