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I can't touch the bottom

  • 1 fondo1

    1 = background, backing, quid, crux, fundus.
    Ex. In the background has often been the need, at a time of declining financial resources, to demonstrate the relevance of the library to all sectors of society and there can sometimes be detected an element of patronization.
    Ex. A picture is a two-dimensional visual representation accessible to the naked eye and generally on an opaque backing.
    Ex. The important moral crux at the heart of the novel 'The debt collector' is that the odds are stacked against the rehabilitation of violent criminals.
    Ex. The crux of the process is the development of multiple models.
    Ex. This is an extremely valuable clinical test that provides information about the circulatory system of the ocular fundus (the back of the eye) not attainable by routine examination.
    * a fondo = fully, thoroughly, full-scale.
    * al fondo (de) = at the bottom (of).
    * artículo de fondo = feature article.
    * corredor de fondo = long-distance runner.
    * en el fondo = at heart, deep down, in the back of + Posesivo + mind, in the back of + Posesivo + head, at the back of + Posesivo + head, bottom line, the, in the bottom.
    * en el fondo de = at the root of.
    * esquiador de fondo = cross-country skier.
    * esquí de fondo = cross-country skiing.
    * fondo del mar = sea bottom, seafloor [sea floor], ocean floor, seabed [sea bed].
    * fondo del océano = ocean bed, ocean floor.
    * fondo marino = deep-sea floor.
    * forma de doble fondo = double-faced mould.
    * forma de un solo fondo = single-faced mould.
    * forma de un solo fondo para papel verjurado = single-faced laid mould.
    * limpiar a fondo = spring-clean, clear out.
    * limpieza a fondo = spring cleaning.
    * llegar al fondo de la cuestión = see to the + bottom of things.
    * llegar al fondo de una Cuestión = get to + the bottom of, get to + the root of.
    * mar de fondo = groundswell.
    * material de fondo = backing.
    * movimiento de fondo = groundswell.
    * negro sobre fondo blanco = black on white.
    * pez de fondo = groundfish, bottom fish.
    * pozo sin fondo = bottomless pit.
    * ruido de fondo = background noise.
    * servir de telón de fondo = set + the backdrop.
    * sin fondo = bottomless.
    * telón de fondo = background, backdrop.
    * teniendo como telón de fondo = against + background of.
    * teniendo esto como telón de fondo = against this background.
    * tocar fondo = bottom out, hit + rock-bottom, reach + rock-bottom, touch + rock bottom, strike + bottom.

    Spanish-English dictionary > fondo1

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