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I can't see a thing

  • 1 no veo ni jota

    Spanish-English dictionary > no veo ni jota

  • 2 ni torta

    not a thing.
    * * *
    familiar not a thing

    Spanish-English dictionary > ni torta

  • 3 tipo1

    1 = category, class, degree, form, kind, nature, sort, type, ilk, stripe.
    Ex. For some categories of materials it can be difficult to distinguish publishers from distributors and/or producers.
    Ex. The following highlights are what this first class of Fellows recall of their time overseas.
    Ex. This degree of standardisation is not the pattern outside of this specific area of application.
    Ex. It is under the chosen form of heading that the catalogue entry for a particular document is filed and hence located.
    Ex. Document descriptions may be drafted for a wide variety of different kinds of library material, but some common principles can be established.
    Ex. Since all of the headings are alphabetical words, it is possible to interfile entries regardless of the nature of their heading.
    Ex. Thoughts of this sort kept running about like clockwork mice in his head, while the murmur of chatter filled the room and outside dusk had yielded to black night.
    Ex. There are a number of types of abstracts or labels that can be applied to abstracts.
    Ex. Perhaps she would be well advised to read that book and others of its ilk to see if she could learn something about surviving in the corporate world.
    Ex. The field of computational linguistics is exciting insomuch as it permits linguists of different stripes to model language behaviour.
    * algún tipo de = some, some sort of.
    * algún tipo de + Nombre = one kind of + Nombre + or another.
    * almuerzo tipo bufé = lunch buffet, buffet lunch.
    * asociación de compradores de un tipo de productos = consumers union.
    * con todo tipo de comodidades = with all mods and cons.
    * con todo tipo de lujos = with all mods and cons.
    * contra todo (tipo) de riesgo = against all risks.
    * de algún tipo = of some description.
    * de algún tipo u otro = of some sort.
    * de cierto tipo = of a sort, of sorts.
    * de cualquier tipo = in any way [in anyway], in all forms.
    * de diversos tipos = of one type or another, of one sort or another, of one kind or another.
    * de diverso tipo = of one type or another, of one sort or another, of one kind or another.
    * del mismo tipo que las oficinas = office-type.
    * de tipo general = broad scoped.
    * de tipo medio = middle-range.
    * de todos los tipos = of all stripes.
    * de todo tipo = of all sorts, of every sort, of all stripes, of all shapes and sizes.
    * de un tipo u otro = of one type or another, of one sort or another, of one kind or another, of some description.
    * de varios tipos = multitype [multi-type].
    * diabetes del tipo 2 = type 2 diabetes.
    * el tipo de = the range of.
    * ese tipo de cosas = that sort of thing.
    * este tipo de = such.
    * este tipo de cosas = this sort of thing.
    * examen tipo test = multiple choice test.
    * existen de muchos tipos = come in + many guises.
    * gente de todo tipo = people from all walks of life.
    * haber de muchos tipos = come in + all/many (sorts of) shapes and sizes.
    * haber de muy diversos tipos = come in + all/many (sorts of) shapes and sizes.
    * identidad clase-tipo = type-token identity.
    * índice permutado del tipo KWIC = KWICed index.
    * mismo tipo de = same range of.
    * necesitar tomar cierto tipo de decisiones = require + judgement.
    * Nombre + de este tipo = such + Nombre.
    * para todo tipo de tiempo = all-weather.
    * pregunta tipo test = multiple choice question.
    * que combina diferentes tipos de re = multi-source [multi source].
    * recorte de los tipos de interés = rate cut, interest-rate cut.
    * reducción de los tipos de interés = interest-rate cut.
    * reducción de tipo impositivo = tax abatement.
    * relación clase-tipo = type-token ratio.
    * ser de un tipo diferente = be different in kind, differ in + kind (from).
    * sin ningún tipo de restricciones = no holds barred.
    * sistema bibliotecario de bibliotecas de un sólo tipo = single-type library system.
    * sistema bibliotecario de bibliotecas de varios tipos = multitype library system.
    * subida de los tipos de interés = rate increase, interest-rate increase.
    * tipo de cambio = exchange rate, rate of exchange.
    * tipo de cuidado = nasty piece of work.
    * tipo de gravamen = tax rate.
    * tipo de gravamen marginal = marginal tax rate.
    * tipo de impuestos = band of taxation.
    * tipo de interés = interest rate.
    * tipo de interés base = base rate, prime rate.
    * tipo de interés preferente = base rate, prime rate.
    * tipo de persona = public.
    * tipo de resumen = abstracting format.
    * tipo de servicio = style of service.
    * tipo fiscal = tax rate.
    * tipo fiscal marginal = marginal tax rate.
    * tipo impositivo = income tax bracket, tax rate, tax bracket.
    * tipo impositivo marginal = marginal tax rate.
    * tipo noticias = news-type.
    * tipo preferencial = preferential rate.
    * tipo preferente = preferential rate.
    * tipo publicitario = display type.
    * tipos como = the likes of.
    * tipos de búsqueda = retrieval facilities, search facilities.
    * tipos reducción de los tipos de interés = rate cut.
    * tipo televisor = television-type.
    * todo tipo de = all sorts of, all manner of.
    * todo tipo de gustos = all shades of opinion.
    * un tipo de = a kind of.
    * variación de los tipos de cambio = exchange rate change.
    * y todo este tipo de cosas = and all this sort of thing.

    Spanish-English dictionary > tipo1

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