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Gauss's Method

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  • Gauss pseudospectral method — The Gauss Pseudospectral Method (abbreviated GPM ) is a direct transcription method for discretizing a continuous optimal control problem into a nonlinear program (NLP). The Gauss pseudospectral method differs from several other pseudospectral… …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss–Seidel method — The Gauss–Seidel method is a technique used to solve a linear system of equations. The method is named after the German mathematicians Carl Friedrich Gauss and Philipp Ludwig von Seidel. The method is an improved version of the Jacobi method. It… …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss's Method —    , DEGAUSS    Karl Friedrich Gauss (1777 1855), German mathematician and scientist, was one of the three greatest mathematicians of who ever lived, the others being Archimedes and Newton. (Of course, Gauss lived about a century before Albert… …   Dictionary of eponyms

  • Generalized Gauss–Newton method — The generalized Gauss–Newton method is a generalization of the least squares method originally described by Carl Friedrich Gauss and of Newton s method due to Isaac Newton to the case of constrained nonlinear least squares problems …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss–Newton algorithm — The Gauss–Newton algorithm is a method used to solve non linear least squares problems. It can be seen as a modification of Newton s method for finding a minimum of a function. Unlike Newton s method, the Gauss–Newton algorithm can only be used… …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss-Krüger coordinate system — In cartography, the term Gauss Krüger, named after Carl Friedrich Gauss and Johann Heinrich Louis Krüger, is used in three slightly different ways. * Often, it is just a synonym for the transverse Mercator map projection. Another synonym is Gauss …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss–Legendre algorithm — The Gauss–Legendre algorithm is an algorithm to compute the digits of pi;. It is notable for being rapidly convergent, with only 25 iterations producing 45 million correct digits of pi;. However, the drawback is that it is memory intensive and it …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss-Seidel-Algorithmus — In der numerischen Mathematik ist das Gauß Seidel Verfahren oder Einzelschrittverfahren, (nach Carl Friedrich Gauß und Ludwig Seidel) ein Algorithmus zur näherungsweisen Lösung von linearen Gleichungssystemen. Es ist, wie das Jacobi Verfahren und …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Gauss, Carl Friedrich — orig. Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss born April 30, 1777, Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick died Feb. 23, 1855, Göttingen, Hanover German mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. Born to poor parents, he was a prodigy of astounding depth. By his early… …   Universalium

  • Gauss' law for gravity — In physics, Gauss law for gravity, also known as Gauss flux theorem for gravity, is a law of physics which is essentially equivalent to Newton s law of universal gravitation. Its form is mathematically similar to Gauss law for electricity; in… …   Wikipedia

  • Gauss's law — In physics, Gauss s law, also known as Gauss s flux theorem, is a law relating the distribution of electric charge to the resulting electric field. It is one of the four Maxwell s equations, which form the basis of classical electrodynamics, and… …   Wikipedia