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French provinces and regions

  • 1 French provinces and regions

    Both traditional pre-Revolution regions and modern administrative regions usually take the definite article as in l’Alsace, la Champagne etc.:
    I like Alsace
    = j’aime l’Alsace
    Champagne is beautiful
    = la Champagne est belle
    For names which have a compound form, such as Midi-Pyrénées or Rhône-Alpes, it is safer to include the words la région:
    do you know Midi-Pyrénées?
    = connaissez-vous la région Midi-Pyrénées?
    In, to and from somewhere
    There are certain general principles regarding names of French provinces and regions. However, usage is sometimes uncertain ; doubtful items should be checked in the dictionary.
    For in and to, with feminine names and with masculine ones beginning with a vowel, use en without the definite article:
    to live in Burgundy
    = vivre en Bourgogne
    to go to Burgundy
    = aller en Bourgogne
    to live in Anjou
    = vivre en Anjou
    to go to Anjou
    = aller en Anjou
    For in and to with masculine names beginning with a consonant, use dans le:
    to live in the Berry
    = vivre dans le Berry
    to go to the Berry
    = aller dans le Berry
    For from with feminine names and with masculine ones beginning with a vowel, use de without the definite article:
    to come from Burgundy
    = venir de Bourgogne
    to come from Anjou
    = venir d’Anjou
    For from with masculine names beginning with a consonant, use du:
    to come from the Berry
    = venir du Berry
    Regional adjectives
    Related adjectives and nouns exist for most of the names of provinces and regions. Here is a list of the commonest:
    an Alsace accent
    = un accent alsacien
    Alsace costume
    = le costume alsacien
    the Alsace countryside
    = les paysages alsaciens
    Alsace traditions
    = les traditions alsaciennes
    Alsace villages
    = les villages alsaciens
    These words can also be used as nouns, meaning a person from X ; in this case they are written with a capital letter:
    a person from Alsace
    = un Alsacien
    an Alsace woman
    = une Alsacienne
    the people of Alsace
    = les Alsaciens mpl

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