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Fick principle

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  • Fick principle — fik n a generalization in physiology which states that blood flow is proportional to the difference in concentration of a substance in the blood as it enters and leaves an organ and which is used to determine cardiac output from the difference in …   Medical dictionary

  • Fick principle — Developed by Adolf Eugen Fick (1829 1901), the Fick principle was first devised as a technique for measuring cardiac output. However, its underlying principles may be applied in a variety of clinical situations.The essence of the Fick principle… …   Wikipedia

  • fick principle — ˈfik noun Usage: usually capitalized F Etymology: after Adolph Eugen Fick died 1901 German physiologist : a generalization in physiology which states that blood flow is proportional to the difference in concentration of a substance in the blood… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fick — may refer to:Things*Fick principle *Fick s law of diffusionPeople with the surname Fick*Adolf Eugen Fick, German physiologist usually credited with the invention of contact lenses and for Fick s law of diffusion. *Leonard J. Fick, American… …   Wikipedia

  • Fick's laws of diffusion — For the technique of measuring cardiac output, see Fick principle. Molecular diffusion from a microscopic and macroscopic point of view. Initially, there are solute molecules on the left side of a barrier (purple line) and none on the right. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Fick method — a method for measuring cardiac output based on the Fick principle applied to pulmonary blood flow: the rate of oxygen consumption by the lungs, when divided by the arteriovenous oxygen difference (the difference in oxygen concentration between… …   Medical dictionary

  • principle — 1. A general or fundamental doctrine or tenet. SEE ALSO: law, rule, theorem. 2. The essential ingredient in a substance, especially one that gives it its distinctive quality or effect. [L. principium, a beginning, fr. princeps, chief] active p. a …   Medical dictionary

  • Fick's first law of diffusion formula etc. — (fiks) [Adolf Eugen Fick, German physiologist, 1829–1901] see under formula, law, method, and principle …   Medical dictionary

  • Fick — Adolf, German physician, 1829–1901. See F. method, F. principle …   Medical dictionary

  • Adolf Eugen Fick — Infobox Scientist box width = 300px name = Adolf Fick image size = 200px caption = Adolf Eugen Fick (1829 1901) birth date = 1 April 1829 birth place = Kassel, Germany death date = 21 August 1901 death place = Blankenberge, Flanders residence =… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct Fick method — The Direct Fick method is a method of measuring cardiac output using the Fick principle. It divides the oxygen intake by the difference in oxygen content of aortic blood and mixed venous blood. v …   Wikipedia