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Crystallized alumina

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  • alumina — [ə lu:mɪnə] noun aluminium oxide, a white solid that is a major constituent of many clays and is found crystallized as corundum and sapphire. [Al2O3.] Origin C18: from L. alumen (see alum), on the pattern of words such as magnesia …   English new terms dictionary

  • corundum — [kə rʌndəm] noun extremely hard crystallized alumina, used as an abrasive. Origin C18: from Tamil kuruntam and Telugu kuruvindam …   English new terms dictionary

  • corundum —   n. exceptionally hard mineral, crystallized alumina, used, when transparent, as gem …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • corundum — ► NOUN ▪ extremely hard crystallized alumina, used as an abrasive. ORIGIN Tamil …   English terms dictionary

  • corundum — n. Mineral. extremely hard crystallized alumina, used esp. as an abrasive, and varieties of which, e.g. ruby and sapphire, are used for gemstones. Etymology: Tamil kurundam f. Skr. kuruvinda ruby …   Useful english dictionary

  • igneous rock — Any of various crystalline or glassy, noncrystalline rocks formed by the cooling and solidification of molten earth material (magma). Igneous rocks comprise one of the three principal classes of rocks, the others being metamorphic and sedimentary …   Universalium

  • catalysis — catalytic /kat l it ik/, adj., n. catalytical, adj. catalytically, adv. /keuh tal euh sis/, n., pl. catalyses / seez /. 1. Chem. the causing or accelerating of a chemical change by the addition of a catalyst. 2. an action between two or more… …   Universalium

  • crystal — crystallike, adj. /kris tl/, n., adj., v., crystaled, crystaling or (esp. Brit.) crystalled, crystalling. n. 1. a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice. 2. the transparent form of crystallized quartz. 3. Chem., Mineral. a solid body… …   Universalium

  • Crystal — /kris tl/, n. 1. a city in SE Minnesota, near Minneapolis. 25,543. 2. a female given name. * * * I Any solid material whose atoms are arranged in a definite pattern and whose surface regularity reflects its internal symmetry. Each of a crystal s… …   Universalium

  • Basalt — For the World War II raid, see Operation Basalt. For the cities, see Basalt, Colorado and Basalt, Idaho. Basalt Igneous Rock Composition …   Wikipedia

  • Ceramic engineering — Simulation of the outside of the Space Shuttle as it heats up to over 1,500 °C (2,730 °F) during re entry into the Earth s atmosphere Ceramic engineering is the science and technology of creating objects from inorganic, non metallic… …   Wikipedia

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