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CRT display

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  • Display lag — is a phenomenon associated with some types of LCD displays, and nearly all types of HDTVs, that refers to latency, or lag measured by the difference between the time a signal is input into a display and the time it is shown by the display. This… …   Wikipedia

  • Display — Dis*play , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Displayed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Displaying}.] [OE. displaien, desplaien, OF. despleier, desploier, F. d[ e]ployer; pref. des (L. dis ) + pleier, ploier, plier, F. ployer, plier, to fold, bend, L. plicare. See {Ply},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Display resolution — For screen sizes (typically in inches, measured in the diagonal), see Display size. For a list of particular display resolutions, see Graphic display resolutions. This chart shows the most common display resolutions, with the color of each… …   Wikipedia

  • Display size — Diagram comparing various typical screen sizes by width, height, diagonal, area and aspect ratio. On two dimensional display devices such as computer monitors and television sets, the display size (or viewable image size or VIS) is the actual… …   Wikipedia

  • Display device — Nixie tubes, LED display and VF display, top to bottom. A display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form (the latter used for example in tactile electronic displays for blind people). When the input… …   Wikipedia

  • Display contrast — Contrast in visual perception is the difference in appearance of two or more parts of a field seen simultaneously or successively (hence: brightness contrast, lightness contrast, color contrast, simultaneous contrast, successive contrast, etc.).… …   Wikipedia

  • CRT projector — A CRT projector is a video projector that uses a small, high brightness CRT (or picture tube) as the image generating element. The image is then focused and enlarged onto a screen using a lens kept in front of the CRT face. Most modern CRT… …   Wikipedia

  • CRT screen — noun the display that is electronically created on the surface of the large end of a cathode ray tube • Syn: ↑screen • Hypernyms: ↑display, ↑video display • Hyponyms: ↑background, ↑desktop, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • CRT — Abbreviation for cathode ray tube. * * * cadaver renal transplantation; calreticulin; cardiac resuscitation team; cardiac resynchronization therapy; cathode ray tube; central reaction time; certified; Certified Record Techniques; chemoradiation… …   Medical dictionary

  • display — displayer, n. /di splay /, v.t. 1. to show or exhibit; make visible: to display a sign. 2. to reveal; betray: to display fear. 3. to unfold; open out; spread out: to display a sail. 4. to show ostentatiously; flaunt. 5. Print. to give special… …   Universalium

  • display — dis•play [[t]dɪˈspleɪ[/t]] v. t. 1) to show or exhibit; make visible 2) to reveal; betray: to display fear[/ex] 3) to unfold; open out; spread out: to display a sail[/ex] 4) to show ostentatiously; flaunt 5) cmp to show (computer data) on a CRT… …   From formal English to slang

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